Paragliding included into the Asian Games 2018!

The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) has agreed to include Paragliding into the 18th Asian Games 2018. ...

To the victors the spoils! Swiss pilots reign at Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett 2016

Switzerland’s Kurt Frieden and Pascal Witpraechtiger (Team SUI 1) were crowned champions of the 60th...

How to survive 48 hours - or more - in a 1m2 gas balloon basket

Gas balloon racing teams often spend days in the air - sharing a tiny space and sometimes dealing wi...

CIAM Flyer (5-2016) - Flying the little machine, of course by hand

Competing in F2B is difficult Imagine manually controlling a flying object travelling at 23 metres p...

22 September 1936: The FAI World Record of Maurice Claisse

The Bréguet Dorand aircraft was an experimental helicopter which was built in the Gyroplane Laborato...

FAI announces DHL as new Official Logistics Partner

FAI announces DHL as new Official Logistics Partner

The FAI and DHL signed a four-year agreement today, naming DHL as the Official Logistics Partner of the FAI.

On This Day in History: Otto Lilienthal’s legacy lives on

On This Day in History: Otto Lilienthal’s legacy lives on

Otto Lilienthal, the 'Glider King' who was an inspirational 19th-century aviation pioneer died 120-years ago on 10 August 1896. We remember his legacy today…

A legend in Space: Meeting Gennady Padalka

A legend in Space: Meeting Gennady Padalka

The Olympic movement and Space exploration may not seem an obvious mix – but in fact the two came together in a sporting union in the heart of Moscow earlier this year.

FAI to develop innovative IT solutions for Air Sport Discipl....

FAI to develop innovative IT solutions for Air Sport Discipl....

The FAI Commissions and Head Office have started working on the development of new IT solutions to support the management of the three disciplines taking part in The World Games 2017 – as well as fo....

Done!  Solar Impulse 2 completes  First Round-The-World Sola....

Done! Solar Impulse 2 completes First Round-The-World Sola....

They did it! After over 12 years of research and design, Swiss pioneers Dr. Bertrand Piccard (Initiator, Chairman and Pilot) and André Borschberg (Co-founder and CEO and Pilot) finished the first rou....

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A life in aerobatics: Mikhail Mamistov

A life in aerobatics: Mikhail Mamistov

From learning to fly in 1983 in the then Soviet Union, Mikhail Mamistov has become one of the most decorated pilots in the history of Aerobatics competition. We meet the legend…

11 August 1986: The FAI World Record of John Trevor Egginton

11 August 1986: The FAI World Record of John Trevor Egginton

11 August 1986: A modified factory demonstration Westland Lynx AH.1 Helicopter piloted by Chief Test Pilot John Trevor Egginton set an FAI Absolute Record for Speed for helicopters over a straight 15 ....

Profile of a world champion: Ferenc Toth

Profile of a world champion: Ferenc Toth

Ferenc Toth has been at the top of his game since the turn of the century. The FAI Glider Aerobatics World Champion won his first major competition in 2000, aged 32. That was the FAI European Aerobati....

It’s a family affair: Jerzy and Jan Makula

It’s a family affair: Jerzy and Jan Makula

“I have four sons, Jan is the youngest. But you know, when he was very little he was afraid of flying, he would not even touch the glider.” Jerzy Makula is a legend in glider aerobatics, often cal....

Fedor Konyukhov Solo Around-The-World in a Balloon –  Official World....

Fedor Konyukhov Solo Around-The-World in a Balloon – Official World....

The FAI received the following records claims from the Russian balloonist Fedor Konyukhov, 64, who completed his circumnavigation on Saturday 23 July 2016 by landing near Bonnie Rock (AUS) in a Rozier....

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Rallye Toulouse - St-Louis du Sénégal - Toulouse

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: 11305    

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: Second Category Event

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: Other

Disciplines / Task Styles


Rally Flying


: Toulouse - Saint Louis du Sénégal - Toulouse (France)


: 17 Sep to 30 Sep 2016



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30 September 2016 2016 Carpatian Cup - Golden Autumn - World Cup - Category F2 - Control Line Circular Flight Mizhhirya (Ukraine)
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01 October 2016 2016 Kotuku Cup of New Zealand - Category F1 - Free Flight Lost Hills, California (USA)
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01 October 2016 2016 "Nis Open", 1.round Serbian ACC league Niska Banja (Serbia)
01 October 2016 2016 FPV Bulgaria Cup - Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
01 October 2016 2016 Kazakhstan PAragliding Accuracy Championship - ekpendi, Taldykorgan, Almaty Region (Kazakhstan)
02 October 2016 2016 FAI F3 World Championship for Model Gliders Hanstholm (Denmark)
02 October 2016 2016 Sierra Cup - Category F1 - Free Flight Lost Hills, California (USA)
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13th Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett - Brussels (BEL) 1924

Belgium finally wins the Coupe

Start: Bruxelles-Solbosch, Sunday, June 15th         

From the Book: Die Gordon Bennett Ballon Rennen
(The Gordon Bennett Races) by Ulrich Hohmann Sr

Not only superstitious people looked forward to the race with the number 13 with sorrows. After the incidents the year before everybody hoped for better conditions, but some more wind could have been sent by the weather god.

Launch had been brought forward to June, obviously not to share the public interest with the VIII. Olympic Games, opened 20 days later in Paris an lasting until July 27th. (It became the games of Paavo Nurmi, winning five gold-medals and of Johnny Weissmüller, being successful twice in swimming.) Of both events German and Austrian competitors were still excluded, but at the 24 hours car racing of Monza one day before the launch of the Gordon Bennett Race, the only German participant, Hans Berthold won in a NAG racing- car with a new record distance of 2583 km.

The banning because of the incidents in the war 1914 to 1918 started to break up. One contribution to this may have been the close completion and afterwards the flight of LZ 126. With this Zeppelin Hugo Eckener started on October 12th 1924 for an Atlantic crossing to America. At the arrival at Lakehurst on October 15th the New Yorkers come in crowds to cheer this technical achievement. The newspapers in Berlin even told, that this transfer flight of the Zeppelin had helped Germany more that ten ambassadors. President of the USA, Coolidge writes in a message: "For me and the American people it is a great satisfaction, that peaceful relationships between Germany and America are fully restored and that this big airship has successfully completed the first direct flight between Germany and America." LZ 126 got the American registration ZRIII and later the name LOS ANGELES.

In the Gordon Bennett Race it would take another three years until German balloons were allowed to participate again. Among the 17 teams that had come to Bruxelles, Ernest Demuyter was considered to be the outstanding favourite, especially, because his sponsor, the newspaper ETOILE BELGE, or better its readers, had organised a brand new balloon for him by a fund raising. The envelope made from silk weighed 215 kg, the basket only 30 kg, that meant about 100 kg more ballast than the other competitors and therefore a much longer flight duration. Who would be able to keep up with this? Belgium was at the doorstep to the third victory in a series and finally winning the silver table top of James Gordon Bennett from the year 1906.

All of Bruxelles cheered its hero. 200.000 spectators had come to the launch field. They crossed fingers for Demuyter, and if he would not win (because a soldier again would not release the handling rope), there was still Veenstra/Quersin, who came second the year before. Labrousse/Dewandre were more outsiders, as pilot in command Labrousse had not reached more than the fourth rank till then.

Demuyter had chosen again his co-pilot from the year before, L. Coeckelbergh. This was a perfect crew, they flew together in a total of six races, and Coeckelbergh always kept in the second row.

The race turned out to be a slow motion flight. Not much could happen at this wind speed. One only had to choose the right direction, but the selection was wide. The Americans Peek/Gray tried it to the east, the Englishmen Baldwin/Grosvenor preferred south-south-east, four (Cormier, Labrousse, Grassi and Casas) flew to the south, and a van Orman tried to win distance to the north. Except Demuyter and the French Laporte all the others flew to southwest or west, where they gave up at the coast of the Channel after 21 to 35 hours. Veenstra/Quersin flew for more than 33 hours and covered 112 km, an average speed of 3,36 km/h! They landed at Oostende, which they could have reached by walking in the same time.

Gordon Bennett had fixed in his rules from 1905, that the directors of the race may order a duration flight instead of a distance flight before launch due to the weather situation. In 1924 this situation could have been given. But no Gordon Bennett Race had been flown according to this possible arrangement, always the distance flight was kept. It would not have changed anything for the Demuyters victory, only Veenstra could have reached 4th place.

French Laporte and Demuyter risked the jump across the Channel. Laporte landed after 33 hours and 18 minutes in the English bath Brighton, Demuyter flew for 10 hours longer. Now the lighter balloon allowing 100 kilograms more of ballast paid off. Demuyter tells about the flight in his book "Randonnées Victorieuses du Belgica".

Report Demuyter

So far the report of the winner of this flight Ernest Demuyter, with 714 km he had covered more than double the distance of the one on the second place. An impressing success! So Belgium got possession of the desirable trophy, the first nation with three victories in a row. The royal aero-club at once sponsored a new cup, so the Gordon Bennett Races could continue.

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