F1 Free Flight Rankings

Free Flight Ranking positions on May 1 2017

The purpose of the Free Flight Ranking is to demonstrate the relative merit of performances by competitors on a continued basis. Results are included from all Championships and World Cup events in each class.

The ranking score from an event consists of two components added together:

a) a results part with points awarded on the same basis as the World Cup

b) a ranking position component. This allocates points according to how well a competitor’s performance compares to others – points awarded if he has placed above higher-ranked competitors and points subtracted if he has been beaten by lower-ranked competitors.

The scores form events in the last 12 months are counted in full. Events between 12 and 24 months have scores reduced linearly so that events older than 24 months make no contribution to the ranking. A total of 6 events can be counted to make the competitor’s ranking score, except that all negative scores are counted.

The ranking is evaluated every 2 months. The results contributing to each competitor’s score are shown in the format XY15=nn+pp where XY is the abbreviation for the World Cup event or WC or EC or AC for World, European or Asian Championships, 15 indicates an event in 2015, nn shows the results points (a) and pp shows the ranking position points (b) which will be preceded by + or – sign.

Class F1A

Position Name NAC Ranking score place change since previous ranking Results since last ranking Other contributions to current score Results not contributing to score
1 Per Findahl SWE 2692 + 3 BC17=539 SW17=430-3 HL17=421 SL16=582 HL16=453 KW17=353 MG15=0-22 SW16=0-61 KW16=349 EC16=327-6 SH16=316-6 DZ16=309-6 BC16=295-5 DK16=273-10 PR16=233-13 NO16=226-13 BD16=229-16 SE16=224-16 EQ16=201-16 NA16=185-10 NA17=193-23 PR15=171-1 MM17=156-33 MC15=124-1 SE15=79 NO15=70 TV15=63-2 WC15=64-3 DK15=35 SZ15=12 MM16=61-49 SL15=7
2 Roland Koglot SLO 2482 -1 EC16=580+6 DZ16=562+6 KW17=454 MM16=437+4 NA16=352+2 KW16=271 SZ15=0-3 SM15=0-6 KS16=49-71 MM17=46-70 EU15=0-47 KC16=0-90 JI16=209-26 RB15=172 KZ15=171 MC15=124 MR15=95-9 PR15=76-8 HE15=57 JI15=64-18 MG15=47-3 WC15=46-5 NA17=72-63 SL15=5
3 Mikhail Kochkarev RUS 2412 + 3 NL17=465+3 ZU16=536 EA16=441+9 EL16=441+3 MM16=199+62 KO16=263-10 NA16=168+51 CU16=227-13 DZ16=203-6 CB16=193-26 MM17=178-23 KW17=163-30 CM15=97+15 KW16=83+25 NL16=110-40 HM15=56+8 GM15=60+4 EL15=43+10 NA17=94-50
4 Allard van Wallene NED 2270 + 3 PT16=552+26 NO16=440+50 JI16=462+6 SE16=286+46 EF16=228+16 DK16=211+30 PT15=0-16 JI15=0-18 EF15=0-49 RH16=231-10 EU15=123+44 SE15=33+5 NO15=6 DK15=5
5 Jama Danier CAN 2244 0 NA17=552+13 CN16=503 KW16=426 HC16=402-3 KW17=302+3 MG15=128 NA16=0-82 MM16=138-28 CN15=98 HC15=97 TV15=96 WC15=30-12
6 Mikhail Kosonozhkin RUS 2243 -3 RH16=546 EA16=535+2 SW16=462+2 HL16=366 NL16=342-2 EL16=340-6 SZ15=0-3 WC15=0-17 MG15=0-28 EC16=0-90 JI16=0-206 HN15=332 HO16=329-6 NL17=313-6 EF16=296-10 JM16=272-10 HL17=269-10 OZ16=205-20 EF15=180 BC16=186-14 EU15=154-1 DK16=134-36 SE16=136-40 NO15=86 DZ16=126-53 SL16=113-60 NO16=105-53 SE15=34-1 JI15=52-21 DK15=22 HN16=79-60 SL15=5

Class F1B

1 Albert Bulatov RUS 3120 0 NL17=557 DZ16=550+6 NL16=522+28 EA16=521+28 CU16=535+6 CB16=530 KZ16=0-53 NA17=0-110 ZU16=527 RB16=523+3 KW17=293-10 EL16=229-6 GM15=155+9 EC16=165-40 HM15=69+3 MM17=110-50 CM15=49-4 MG15=10+1 WC15=0+6
2 Oleg Kulakovsky UKR 2972 0 NA17=551+3 KW17=546+3 SL16=547 BD16=528 VS16=519 LV16=514 MM16=41-54 RB16=0-70 JI16=0-73 DZ16=0-83 MM17=434 NA16=427+2 AN16=418-3 EC16=326-10 EU15=284+4 KZ16=187-23 VS15=114 HG17=146-36 WC15=88+3 EF16=132-43 NO15=67+2 CB15=57+1 AN15=39-1 LV15=14 KW16=59-46 DK15=12
3 Dag Edvard Larsen NOR 2782 + 2 HG17=527+6 HL17=0-20 DK16=521+3 JT16=504 DZ16=449+13 HL16=442+5 HO16=416-3 DK15=0-2 WC15=0-26 KZ16=0-53 JM16=410-3 HG16=339+5 KC16=315-6 RB16=270-3 SL16=243-3 SE16=191-20 RB15=163+4 EC16=176-26 MM16=153-12 NA16=131-17 NO16=141-33 KW17=132-36 EU15=94-4 SE15=62+2 JI15=59-8 KZ15=48-4 NO15=33+2 KW16=67-35 NA17=71-56 SL15=8
4 Stepan Stefanchuk UKR 2744 0 JI16=526+6 KC16=517+6 JM16=511+6 HG16=482+12 SM16=415+3 LV16=362+3 AN15=0-4 VS15=0-9 JI15=0-19 DZ16=0-73 MM17=333 EF16=333-3 HG17=325-3 VS16=317-3 BD16=275-3 NA17=247-6 SL16=232-3 KW17=231-10 MM16=196+15 HO16=213-6 KZ16=204-3 KS16=183-15 KW16=151+2 AN16=154-26 WC15=112+7 EF15=109+1 EU15=105-4 NA16=105-10 HE15=54 CB15=46 SL15=2
5 Alexander Andriukov USA 2629 -2 MM17=535+10 SR16=515 SC16=489 AC16=486 KW16=418 KU16=312-6 NA17=0-130 KW17=220-6 MM16=179-15 EU15=158-4 NA16=122-31 NO15=83 SR15=72-13 DK15=34
6 Igor Vivchar UKR 2420 + 2 AN16=519+13 HO16=517+10 KZ16=429+20 RB16=422+16 KC16=416+13 KW17=344+13 LV15=0-1 CB15=0-2 LV16=0-10 KZ15=0-13 RB15=0-23 OZ16=0-33 SL16=0-36 VS16=0-46 NA16=0-74 EU15=0-74 JI16=324+6 RH16=327 HN16=321-3 JM16=309+3 MM17=231+3 NA17=203-6 MM16=188+4 KW16=177+2 CZ15=148-2 MR15=136-2 HN15=113-9 AN15=97 EC16=88-20 EF15=66-6 VS15=57-9 ZU15=46 MG15=42-5 JI15=49-16 DZ16=48-23 WC15=25-11

Class F1C

1 Artur Kaitchuk RUS 3083 0 NL17=543 EC16=551+6 CU16=529+3 EA16=508+12 BE16=511 SF16=506 CB16=0-86 DZ16=425+3 AS16=408-3 ZU16=324-6 GM15=151+9 HM15=144+10 EL16=159-26 CM15=111+8 NL16=129-28 TV15=92+8 MG15=0+2
2 Juri Roots EST 2799 0 BC17=502 SW17=501 NO16=501 DK16=500 SW16=438 SE16=403-3 SL16=0-43 BC16=353-2 JI16=307-6 EC16=298 EU15=209+1 SE15=74 NO15=63 DK15=33 SL15=7
3 Volodymyr Sychov SLO 2613 + 2 HG17=501 KZ16=511 SM16=510 SL16=413-3 KC16=407-3 BD16=401-3 CZ15=0-4 AN16=0-16 RB16=0-20 WC15=0-22 LV16=0-26 VS16=0-33 DZ16=324-6 EU15=260 MR15=243 EF15=162 RB15=157 AN15=96 HE15=68 VS15=67-7 ZU15=57 KZ15=59-4 CB15=45 SL15=9 EC16=71-66
4 Alexandr Vyazov RUS 2413 + 3 NL17=442+6 PR16=502 EA16=414-2 NL16=414-2 OZ16=404-3 CU16=327-6 EC16=0-83 DZ16=273-6 CB16=217-13 HM15=179 MG15=118 EL16=137-40 NK15=66 KA15=61 TV15=58-2
5 Artem Babenko UKR 2391 -2 DZ16=526+10 AS16=509+3 KW17=414 MM17=409-3 MM16=325 NA16=321 KO16=0-33 EL16=0-90 KW16=316-2 NA17=314-3 NL17=290-6 EA16=271-5 BE16=207-10 SL16=188-13 NL16=150-31 TV15=114 WC15=47-2 MG15=42-4
6 Yury Perchuk RUS 2309 0 ZU16=526+3 KO16=510+3 EL16=428+10 CB16=431+3 EA16=213-5 NL16=196-9 CM15=182+2 CU16=159-23 GM15=114 TV15=69 HM15=66-3 EL15=54-6 MG15=47 WC15=30-2 NL17=74-56

Class F1E

1 Alexander Winker GER 2833 0 OK17=0-76 VL16=544+6 OB16=508+28 PM16=531 FB16=504+25 CH16=458+10 MT16=303+3 CP15=0-11 FB17=287-10 CP16=235-10 PE16=161-33 NM16=148-30 ZL15=65+16 WC15=30+1 VL15=23
2 Marian Popescu ROU 2736 0 CH16=559+6 CP16=550+3 GC16=547 PA16=518 NM16=450+3 TC16=355-6 VL15=0-5 ZL15=0-18 UE16=0-106 VL16=0-120 MT16=241-10 EC16=183-26 PC16=180-33 WC15=135+6 TZ15=132 UE15=83-4 GC15=73-6 RW15=32+3 CP15=20+4 PC15=12+1 LP15=6+1 NM15=3
3 Dominik Andrist SUI 2393 0 KE17=508 CP16=449+26 PM16=430 VL16=342+23 CA16=319+10 KE16=313+9 CP15=0-6 CH16=0-30 NM16=181+20 PE16=205-16 FB16=159-22 PC16=114-50 OB16=100-38 MT16=76-16 VL15=8-4
4 Jacek Zurowski POL 2129 + 10 OK17=545+6 FB17=439+3 TC16=557+40 GC16=446+36 TZ15=209+11 TZ16=190+6 UE16=35-36 WC15=0-11 GC15=0-15 NM16=0-66 CH16=0-113 MT16=0-153 UE15=91+7 LP15=4
5 Daniel Bildea ROU 2103 -1 UE16=548+60 BG16=516 CH16=222+80 PA16=265-6 GC16=199+26 EC16=194+23 VL15=0-1 PC16=0-23 TC16=110+3 TZ16=58-13 CP15=33+10 MT16=0+16 NM16=0+10 PC15=8+2
6 Frantiszek Kanczok POL 1907 0 EC16=531+13 TZ16=448+6 HA16=367+8 CH16=255+10 UE16=233-3 PC16=213-6 HB16=0-35 VL16=0-133 MT16=197-6 UE15=169 NM16=137-23 GC16=122-36 TZ15=88-4 GC15=52-13 WC15=48-11 CP16=81-50 LP15=4


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