CANS policy statement on airspace

Access to air space is to the air sports pilot what water is to the walker in the desert - It is absolutely essential.

The Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), is the world governing body for air sports and aeronautics. It is very much concerned that access to airspace for its pilots of all kinds is under increasing pressure worldwide.

FAI, which is in its second century of existence, believes that the governments of the world have an obligation to ensure adequate access to airspace for all who wish to fly, which has been the dream of mankind over the ages.

It becomes increasingly clear that the growing use of airspace by many users, particularly commercial aviation, has brought further pressures to restrict access to airspace for air sport enthusiasts. Often such restrictions have been imposed without reasonable assessment of the impact of decisions on air sports.

FAI challenges airspace regulators to respect the need of airsport people to use air space and to provide equitable access. Restrictions should be considered only where necessary to meet real and established risks, and solutions should be based on the best cost/benefit option.

Aviation would not be where it is today without the exceptional progress made over the last century by extremely dedicated air sports and recreational aviation men and women of the world. The exploits of these people have pioneered new aviation world records and led to new technologies, not only enabling many others to enjoy the freedom of the world’s airspace but supporting one of the world’s high achieving industries.

The sky is big enough for us all. It only requires a sensible approach by airspace administrators using, where necessary, best available technology to allow fair access for all.