CIA Competitors Subcommittee


The committee shall be advisory in nature. The committee and its members will not have voting powers in the Plenary and shall advise the delegates and other standing committees or working groups in matters that concern competition


The committee shall be responsible for the following:

  1. Receiving and responding to issues concerning competition that are being considered by other committees or work groups of the CIA.
  2. Assist the EDS committee in active soliciting of bids for events that are of concern to the CIA for presentation to the CIA as a means of increasing the quality of the events through competition for the events.
  3. Advise EDS in developing minimum standard guidelines for any events to be considered by the CIA. This would include site standards, guidelines relating to pilot costs imposed by the organiser and suitability of the event organiser based on past performance or guarantees of performance.
  4. Develop standard guidelines for the selection of event officials. This would include the implementation of written testing similar to materials now in use by the Jury Board. Additionally, it would provide for standards of experience and success in past events in each official's respective position.
  5. Proposing papers or recommendations relating to competition to be voted upon by the Plenary.
  6. Addressing new items that may be of concern to the general competition community as they arise.
  7. Act as advisor and resource to the delegates on matters relating to competition.
  8. Develop a web site, as a branch of the CIA's site, identifying and discussing issues that are before the committee so that any competition pilot, committee member or CIA delegate can be fully informed as to the issues.
  9. Provide for a public and open forum at each major event for constructive input from competition pilots’ issues that may concern them. Results of each forum to be sent to each committee member.


Whereas there is currently no requirement that a delegate or existing committee member of the CIA be a competitor, the Competitor's Committee shall be comprised of only top ranked and actively competitive pilots representing their respective countries.

The committee shall consist of a core of 20 competitors representing the very most active and top ranked of the competitor nations using a proportional or semi-proportional selection method. In this manner, the committee shall have a direct and link to the current concerns of the competitive community. Thecommittee may chose to invite other competitors to the committee if they show particular aptitude, interest and responsibility regardless of that member's competitor population. Thereby, any truly interested competitor from any nation would have an equal chance of serving and contributing to the core group of the committee. The committee shall choose officers on an annual basis in accordance with CIA practices.


A delegation of the committee shall be present at the annual plenary meeting and have the same rights as delegates with the exception that they may not vote in the plenary. Committee members, designated by the committee, shall have the right to speak during a Plenary. It is suggested that the bulk of the work of the committee be done via e-mail and that the competitor members communicate with their competition populations in the same manner on a regular basis. The beginning membership of the committee will be taken from the top of the respective National Championships. If any competitor chooses not to serve as a member of the committee, the next highest-ranking competitor shall become eligible. Each year the membership of the committee shall be adjusted to reflect the current top ranking of each country and a new committee Chairman shall be installed. Rotation of the chairmanship would be required on an annual basis. The committee's operations and recommendations shall be open and available to the public.



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