CIA Jury Board Subcommittee


The Jury Board was set up at the 1991 CIA Plenary Meeting to:

  • Prepare, maintain and publish the CIA JURY HANDBOOK as laid down in the Sporting Code Section One 5.10.3.
  • Establish and administer a Juror grading system which will specifically outline qualifications and criteria, including an OPEN BOOK TEST, for three different levels of Jurors. The system will incorporate a provision for training and regrading at all levels.
  • Prepare, maintain and publish a list of CIA approved Jurors , to be used by CIA Category 1 event organisers for selection of Jurors to be appointed by the CIA.
  • Prepare and publish an annual NEWSLETTER for all CIA approved Jurors.
  • Establish a procedure to obtain and maintain case histories of protests handled in CIA Category 1 events.

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