CIA Officials Subcommittee


The Officials Subcommittee was created from the Observers Subcommittee at the 2005 CIA Plenary Meeting.  

In an effort to fulfill its mission, the Officials Subcommittee shall address the following:

    Develop and maintain a set of 'Model' Documents and Forms as a basis for the member nations to use in enhancing their observer corp.
    Develop and maintain a 'Model' Training curriculum as a basis for member nations to use in developing and improving their observer corp.
    Develop and maintain a registration program for AX class, AA class, and record attempt observers.
    Create and maintain a Registry of International Observers who successfully qualify through the registration program.
    Maintain a listing of Chief Observers of the member nations to encourage the exchange of ideas and information.
    Advise and respond to observing issues as requested by the CIA delegates.
    Prepare for the changing role of data gathering in the constantly evolving future of competition ballooning.   

International Observers Registration Program

The 'Registry of International Observers' contains observers who are known to have a higher level of proficiency in observing and exhibit the positive aspects of observer traits and behaviors.

  • Registry of International Observers (2002)
  • Overview (2000)
  • Registered Obervers Handbook (2000)
  • Application Form (2000)
  • Observer Proficiency Evaluation (1998)


Chief Observer List (2017)  (42.50 kB)31 March 2017
Observers Handbook (2010)  (263.00 kB)14 December 2011
Observer Invitation Policy (1995)  (54.50 kB)19 August 2011
Model Observer Forms (2000)  (1.16 MB)19 August 2011
Observer Report Form - PDF (2000)  (19.23 kB)19 August 2011
Observer Report Form - Excel (2000)  (29.50 kB)19 August 2011
Observers Glossary (1995)  (166.00 kB)19 August 2011


Les Purfield Chair United Kingdom

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