CIA Public and Media Relations Subcommittee


To promote the work of the FAI/CIA and develop the sport of aerostation amongst balloonists and the general public.

The duties specifically include:

  • To distribute aerostation information to balloonists and the general public.
  • Develop media contacts in the press, TV, radio and the Internet.
  • Create and support opportunities for the development of new opportunities for sport aerostation.
  • Perform any other PR or development tasks as required by the CIA President, Bureau, or Plenary session

1. Media

To establish and maintain relationships with event organisers, pilots and the media to promote sport aerostation.

Duties and Powers:

  • to establish a database of aerostation publications and media contacts in the press, TV, radio and Internet;
  • to promote and assist in the provision of media coverage for CIA sanctioned events;
  • develop media support for event organisers and publish new material about aerostation;
  • consult with event organisers and pilots on media initiatives.

2.  Logo and Products

To devise and operate a program for logo use and the sales of CIA merchandise.

Duties and Powers:

  • maintain the CIA logo and protocols for its use;
  • develop and distribute CIA merchandise
  • administer the CIA program for Proficiency Certificates and Sporting Badges.


Subcommittee documents can be found in the document section.


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