CIA List of Notable Performances and Achievements now updated

ballon David-StrasmannSeveral hundred new entries have just been added to the CIA List of Notable Performances and Achievements, and many old entries have been updated.

Since 1996, the Records Subcommittee of the FAI Ballooning Commission (CIA) maintains and publishes a register of notable flights and achievements, with the aim of saving for the future reliable references to flights or activities that for historical reasons are regarded as significant achievements and of avoiding claims for an achievement that has already been accomplished.

The List was last updated in 2005.

A notable flight or achievement may be any of the following:

  • A significant historical event, achievement, performance or invention
  • A significant "first' of any kind
  • A flight to or over a significant geographical feature
  • A flight between two significant geographical features
  • A significant performance regardless whether the flight established a new world record or not

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 (photo by David Strasmann)