2013 Azay Le Brulé International


Beauvoir-sur-Niort, France
26 Jul to 28 Jul 2013

Event ID

: 8494    

Event classification

: Open International - Non World Cup Event

Type of event

: Other

Disciplines / Task Styles


F1A (Gliders)
F1B (Model Aircraft with Extensible Motors Wakefield)
F1C (Power Model Aircraft)
F1P (Power Model Aircraft)
F1G (Model Aircraft with Extensible Motors Coupe d'Hiver)
F1H (Gliders)
F1J (Power Model Aircraft)
F1K (Model Aircraft with CO2 Engines)


: Beauvoir-sur-Niort (France)


: 26 Jul to 28 Jul 2013

FAI Member of the Hosting Country

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