Three Spacemodellers awarded with the FAI Awards for their achievements in 2010

Three spacemodellers shall receive the FAI Awards for their achievements in 2010. The FAI Antonov Aeromodelling Diploma shall receive Leszek Szwed (Poland) and Diplomas Paul Tissandier Nikola Cvjeticanin (Serbia) and Stanisa Petrovic (FYR Macedonia).

Their prizes make the whole SM community proud!


The awarded persons shall receive their prizes at the Opening Ceremony of the 105th FAI General Conference in Hotel Continental in Belgrade (Serbia) on 13th October, 2011 late in the afternoon.


LESZEK SZWED (Poland) for his contribution to development of SM by introducing electronic altimeters into the official FAI events and revitalization of altitude classes S1 and S5.


NIKOLA CVJETICANIN (Serbia) for his contribution to development of Scale Model classes S5 and S7 as a sportsmen, scale model designer and S5/S7 judge. He was the the FAI S5/S7 judge or chief judge in all Spacemodelling World and European Championships from 2002 till now (except in 2007) and he was teacher of dozens of scale modellers in his country and abroad.

STANISA PETROVIC (FYR Macedonia) the most successful airsportsman of FYR Macedonia - medalist from many World and Continental Championships and his countrie's NAC team for many years. Although being a yound men he is a teacher of big number of spacemodellers in his countries. He has also merits for many achievements of his Aero Club Stip in other airsports.