80th Birthday of Dr Jerry Gregorek a Space Models Pioneer

Dr GERALD MICHAEL GREGOREK (U.S.A), much better known as JERRY, one of the real pioneers in space modelling shall celebrate soon his 80th birthday. During his 40 years career in space modelling Jerry was a NAC team member, NAC team manager and he holds many important positions at domestic and international level.

Jerry's proposal was inclusion of Class S8 in the FAI SM program. He also wrote several important papers for SM like famous "TR-11 Aerodynamic Drag of Model Rockets published by "Estes Industries" that broke mystery of air drag on space models. Jerry was also the first university professor who used space modelling as a teaching tool for education of students of aeronautical engineering at the Ohio State University.

Jerry Gregorek spent his professional life as a scientist and a Professor of Aerospace Engineering at The Ohio State University, and Director of its Aeronautical and Astronautical Research Laboratory. He has led experimental and analytic aerodynamic research efforts for NASA, the USAF, and the aerospace industry. These programs have varied from laminar air foil design and wind tunnel test, to novel business aircraft configuration design and evaluation, and to new air foil and propeller flight tests for general aviation airplanes. Professor Gregorek is a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

NAR (U.S.A. National Association of Rocketry) shall pay tribute to Jerry during the NARAM-53 (American SM Nats) at a Birthday party to be held in the Loveland Room of the Cincinnati Marriott Northeast, 9664 Mason Montgomery Road, Mason, OH 45040 (the NARAM-53 hotel) 1900-2200 on 24 July 2011.