Best Spacemodellers after the 2010 FAI World Championships for Space Models

There were organized eighteen FAI World Championships for Space Models since 1972, when the first one took place in Vrsac (now Serbia - Yugoslavia at that time). Thousands of sportsmen competed at first in three classes, which were increased to seven and eight, than in 2008 decreased to five and now again it is eight again. Junior SM World Championships are held simultaneously with those for seniors in equivalent classes.

Who are the most successful sportsmen in World Championships so far?

Only four men took the fist place FOUR times. These are:

Jan Kotuha (SVK),
Fritz Weissgerber (GER),
Antonio Mazzaracchio (ITA) and
Alexander Levikh (RUS).

The best of the best after the 18th WSMCh is:


He in addition to four gold medals holds also two silver and one bronze medal. He was awarded with two golds in last Champs in Irig (Serbia) and was declared the best senior individual of the 18th WSMCh.

All FAI World Championships for Space Models held so far are listed below and in the attachment you will find an xls with all details on the winners in ALL WSMChs.

These were:

1972 - 1st WSMCh - Vrsac (YUG)
1974 - 2nd WSMCH - Dubnica nad Vahom (CSSR)
1978 - 3rd WSMCh - Yambol (BUL)
1980 - 4th WSMCh - Lakehurst (USA)
1983 - 5th WSMCh - Nowy Sacz (POL)
1985 - 6th WSMCh - Yambol (BUL)
1987 - 7th WSMCh - Belgrade (YUG)
1990 - 8th WSMCh - Kiev (SSSR)
1992 - 9th WSMCh - Melburn (FLA-USA)
1994 -10th WSMCh - (POL)
1996 -11th WSMCh - Ljubljana (SLO)
1998 -12th WSMCh - Suceava (ROU)
2000 -13th WSMCh - Liptovsky Mikulas (SVK)
2002 -14th WSMCh - Sazena (CZE)
2004 -15th WSMCh - Deblin (POL)
2006 -16th WSMCh - Baikonur (RUS)
2008 -17th WSMCh - Lleida (ESP)
2010 -18th WSMCh - Irig (SRB)