2010 FAI World Championships for Space Models

2010 FAI World Championships for Space Models, better known to spacemodellers as 18th World Spacemodelling Championships 2010, shall be hold in Irig (Serbia) from August 21 to 28, 2010.
There are 343 participants from 24 countries registered to August 1, 2010. These are: seniors 170, junors 90, team managers 15, assistants team manager 4, helpers/supporters 40, time-keepers - 15.
Headquarters and accomodation of most of the participants shall be at Hotel Termal in Vrdnik, a nice spa with several swimming pools with warm mineral water.
Competition Classes:
- SENIORS: S1-B, S3-A, S4-A, S5-C, S6-A, S7, S8-E/P, S9-A, Team / Individual classification
- JUNIORS: S1-A, S3-A, S4-A, S5-B, S6-A, S7, S8-D, S9-A, Team / Individual classification.
Flight altitude in Altitude Classes S1-A, S1-B, S5-B and S5-C shall be measured for the first time with electronic altimeters in such Championships. This should be a remarkable progress in spacemodelling.
All details on this Championships you can download from the organizer's site: www.mksirmium.com.