September 2008; F2B Judging/Scoring Committee formed

Since the revised set of rules for the F2B category was set in force in 2006, a level of acceptance and reliability has been reached. A period of calm and stability is now of great importance for competitors and organisers.

While current practices in this area have served us well in the past, further efforts must be undertaken to ensure that the future implementation of both judging and scoring complies with the precepts of equality, fairness and accuracy with respect to both the individual competitor, from competitor to competitor within a given competition and to the human factors governing the physical act of judging.

In order to provide the F2B community with improved tools for all aspects of judging and scoring, the F2B Working Group has now formed a committee of experts to examine Judging and Scoring as a holistic entity with recommendations being vetted for compliance with the precepts stated above.

The committee’s deliverables will be the creation of a draft version of a revised F2B Judges Guide as well as recommendations concerning the implementation of judging and scoring methods and procedures that fully embrace the stated precepts. The new documents will be based on the 2008 version of the F2B rule and shall be submitted to the F2 Subcommittee in summer 2009.

It should be noted that the committee accepts the results of the rule book review in its entirety and considers such issues as “K” factors and the “100 point range” as “settled law”. No actions, discussions or recommendations will be made by the committee in this area.

The timelines for this effort are tight and impose upon the committee members a duty to work as a cohesive team of experts who seek to move forward towards a fully supported outcome. All ideas are welcome. Everything (within the scope of this mandate) is on the table. There will be no “sacred cows”.

The F2B Judges Committee is a sub-organisation of the F2B Working Group and reports to the Group Coordinator. Committee members will be registered members of the F2B Working Group, too. Activity records will be sent to the Working Group and to the members of the F2 Subcommittee on a regular basis.

In September 2008 the Committee members are:

Joan McIntyre, Australia
Kim Doherty, Canada
Aimé Gilbert, France
Massimo Semoli, Italy
Stefan Kraszewski, Poland
Keith Renecle, South Africa
Miguel Tur, Spain
Peter Germann, Switzerland
Andy Sweetland, Switzerland
Roger Ladds, United Kingdom
Keith Trostle, USA

Kim Doherty has volunteered to become the responsible leader/coordinator of the F2B Judging/Scoring Committee and was accepted by the Committee by end of August 2008.

Initially, following this opening statement, Kim will publish his agenda defining the steps to be taken towards a first draft version of the revised Guide and revised judging/scoring methods and procedures. Moderated discussion among group members will be held on a dedicated Internet Forum with read-only access for non committee members:


Further information regarding user ID’s and passwords will be mailed to each committee member individually by Kim.

Contributions, comments and/or suggestions may be sent to Kim Doherty via e-mail on: kdoherty@sympatico.ca and are always much appreciated.

A warm welcome to all Judging/Scoring committee members!

Kim Doherty, F2B Judging/Scoring Committee Leader / F2 Subcommittee member
Peter Germann, F2B Working Group Coordinator / F2 Subcommittee member