The new space modelling competition season begins

The new competition season 2007 begins in 38 days and 28 days is to the beginning on regular CIAM Bureau and Plenary meetings in Lausanne (SUI). There is not a Space Models Technical Meeting there this year. It will take place in March 2008.

Regardless of that the following items of importance for Space Models shall be considered:

1. Awarding of prices for SM WCup 2006 (in the Olympic Museum on 23 March in the afternoon),
2. Space Models International Ranking List 2006 shall be announced.
3. Space Models Contest Calendar 2007 shall be confirmed and distributed
4. Bids for future CChs and WChs shall be submitted and awarded for 2009.
5. Report for 16th WSMCh 2006 in Baikonur shall be presented.
6. Report on SM SC work in 2006 shall be presented.

I wish to submit inform the CIAM Bureau about our plans for the general revision of SM rules for 2008.

I invite you all who have some ideas on SM progress, starting from our discussions in Baikonur and in other SM events in 2006, to submit proposals in which direction we should go in the following years - now, only as guide lines at no more than one or two pages till 15 March 2007 at 15.00 hrs. Contributions by e-mail are desirable.

Here is also the plan for general revision of the rules.

1) 15 March 2007 - collection of proposal for rules changes in 2008
2) 22 March 2007 - report on directions of SM rules changes at the CIAM Bureau meeting,
3) 31 March 2007 - guide lines for rule changes distributed by e-mail to NACs and SM SC members
4) 15 May 2007 - deadline for submission of the "raw" proposals
5) 31 May 2007 - Draft 1 of the rules changes distributed for discussion
6) 30 June 2007 - deadline for submission of remarks and suggestions to the Draft 1
7) 20 July 2007 - Draft 2 distributed to all interested for further discussion
8) 20 Aug 2007 - deadline for reception of the remarks
9) 05 Sep 2007 - Draft 3 distributed to interested persons for consideration at the SM SC Meeting in Kosice
10) 10 Sep 2007 - Consideration of the Draft 3 at the SM SC meeting in Kosice (SVK) at 11th EuSMCh
11) 03 Oct 2007 - Consideration of the Draft 3 at the 1st Asian SM Champs in Baikonur (KAZ)
12) 12 Oct 2007 - Final consideration of Draft 3 at the Ljubljana Cup (SLO) - final SM WCup event 2007.
13) 25 Oct 2007 - Draft 4 with incorporated remarks and suggestions distributed to NACs and SM SC members for approval.
14) 10 Nov 2007 - deadline for approval, final remarks and suggestions from NACs and SM SC members.
15) 14 Nov 2007 - Proposal of the general revision of SM rules sent to the FAI Office
16) 31 Jan 2008 - Proposal as the Annex to the CIAM Plenary meeting Agenda distributed to FAI NAC members
17) Mar 2008 - Consideration of the new SM rules at CIAM Bureau, SM TM and CIAM Plenary meeting and their approval at the CIAM Plenary meeting.
18) 01 Jan, 2009 - The new, generally revised SM rules become effective.

Looking forward for your contributions and suggestions.

With best regards

Srdjan D. Pelagic, dipl.ing.
CIAM Space Models S/C Chairman