Score list for the 2006 Korolev Cup

Click here to download the Final score lists of "Korolev Cup 2006" held in Meshcherino (Moscow - RUS) from 20 to 24 April 2006. My congratulations go to the winners, my thanks go first to the organizers for obviously very fine contests with a very good participation - 47 competitors from 4 countries is a very fine result and also to all participants.

Special congratulation and thanks to the organizers again - the score lists reached me with a very little delay and were produced precisely according instructions distributed last March including the Jury report, which is very helpful. This will make WCup and SMIR list point calculations much easier.

I invite all organizers to follow what Catalunya Cup, Bratislava Cup and Korolev Cup organizers did - to make the score lists precisely according the instructions, to add jury report and - to send the score lists within THREE DAYS after the competition to the SM WCup coordinator and SM S/C chairman.
This documentations should be sent to the same persons also by regular mail as soon as possible - signed by the contest officials and stamped.

Next SM WCup events are: 4-6 May - Baikonur (KAZ-RUS), 13-14 May - Krupka (CZE), 19-21 May - Buzau (ROM) and 27-28 May - Stip (MKD).

I invite all who can manage it to participate in any of these events. This helps spacemodelling development very much.

With best regards,

Srdjan D. Pelagic, dipl.ing.
CIAM Space Models S/C Chairman