Short report and Final Score Lists from 2nd Catalunya Cup

Click here to download the cover page with a list of the officials (doc) and Final score lists (with a list of FAI licences of competitors) from 2nd Catalunya Cup-World Cup which was hold from 7 to 9 April, 2006 in Lleida (ESP). Unfortunatelly the original cover page had 1,1 Mb and the score lists 4,4 Mb as I received in on CD from the organizers. So, I had to cut out a very nice logo of the contest (leaving it at only one page of score lists) in order to make file transfer easier.

This WCup, the first in this competition season, was organized by the El Club Aeromodellismo Barcelona very, very sucessfully. The contest director and the core of the whole event was young, ever-smiling and charming Miss +ESTHER ROURA (26) who conducted all actions with smile and unexpected experience for such a young lady. She was assisted by many other club members and her first aid was NEUSS MISSE SUNOL -her mother. Daddy JORDI ROURA FONT was a very successful competitor, but ever ready to help, also.

People from the regional department of the Ministry of Sports of Catalunya were present in the field most of the time. They also organized a very good press conference and ensure presence of newsmen in the field all the time. Media showed unexpected interest in spacemodelling and every of three days in newspapers "Segre" and "Manana" appeared big illustrated reports! (Guy Revel CIAM media consultant - where were you to see this miracle). TV teams were also present from time to time.

The organizers showed a great hospitality and were ready at any moment to please any of participants. Excellent weather contributed to good results and good mood of all participants. Judging and time-keeping was fair. Food and accomodation at Hotel Ilerda very, very good and the banquet with SANGRIA & CARACOLS (snails) unforgetable.

Five countries and 19 competitors came to launch their models: GBR, SLO, ROM, ESP and SCG. Competition was very strong - there were present many World and European winners and/or World Record Holders. Let me mention some of them: Florica and Lucian Sercaianu (ROM), Miha Cuden (SLO), Jordi Roura Font (ESP) and Zivan Josipovic (SCG). All of them (except Lucian) were awarded with one of more cups.

We all were pleased with young but very skilled competiors like Miss Nuria Crusellas (ESP) who won in S9A and took the third place in S3A (non WCup) and Trevor Seabrook from GBR who won in S6A! Seeing many young people in the field made everybody happy and convinced - spacemodelling in West European countries shall be prosperous.

Brits were very satisfied and they intend to revitalize their "Canterbary Cup" next year (SM code name for any SM event in GBR). They also intend as the rest of participants to come to Lleida next year again.

These are only the first impressions but the official Jury report shall come to you these days.

Our next competitions will be in Meshcherino (Russia) in next ten days. I wish them a very successful event and many participants. Also I invite all of you who can manage to go there.

With best regards

Srdjan D. Pelagic, dipl.ing.
CIAM Space Models S/C Chairman