The 2006 Space Modelling competition season begins !

On Friday 7th April begins the new Space Modelling (SM) competition season 2006. This time we shall have 18 World Cups in 14 countries. As you see - our SM community constantly increases." "

The latest news from Lausanne - me and Marian Jorik continue to work as a team - I am SM S/C Chairman and he the SM WCup coordinator again. We shall try to improve calculation and distribution of the current WCup and SMIR placings, but this requires your full cooperation:

1) The score lists MUST be in Excel and printed in latin letters. As an fairly good example of score lists, click here to download the "protocol" from Impuls Cup - Shostka (UKR) 2003.

2) Each class MUST be on a separate worksheet.

3) Jury president shall write the Jury report on the attached form. Take care to submit it obligatory to allow me, WCup coordinator and all WCup organizers to have the real image of any of WCups organized this year.

4) Score lists and Jury report MUST REACH SM S/C Chairman and WCup coordinator within three days after the contest in electronic form to allow us to recalculate WCup and SMIR points and distribute the placing lists.

5) Hard copies, as an official proof of the results of the WCup contests, MUST be signed, stamped and sent to:

Srdjan D. Pelagic, dipl.ing.
CIAM Space Models S/C Chairman
Mise Dimitrijevica 21 apt 17
21000 Novi Sad
Serbia and Montenegro


Ing Marian Jorik
Space Models WCup coordinator
Zvaz Modelarov Slovenska
Wolkrova 4
Slovak Republik.

Hard copies must be received within 14 days after the contest.

5) The first WCup event this season is 2nd CATALUNYA CUP in LLeida (ESP) aprox. 200 km westwards from Barcelona. There are applied spacemodellers from Great Britain, Romania, Slovenia, SCG and Spain it will be approximatelly 30 competitors. Next competitions are Meshcherino (RUS) and Bratislava (SVK) later this month.

I wish you all a prosperous sports season.

With best regards,

Srdjan D. Pelagic, dipl.ing.
FAI Vice-President (SCG)
CIAM Space Models S/C Chairman