Buzau Cup-World Cup 2005 - Score Lists

CONGRATULATIONS to Florica and Lucian Sercianu and their associates for excellent organization of Buzau Cup - SM WCup 2005 held in Buzau (Romania). Our sincere thanks also go to all participants from ROM, SCG and LAT and also to Jury President Tamer Ekinci (TUR) for their excellent sportsmanship and results in spite of a very hard weather.

All compliments to those persons who arranged score lists which may become the standard for make up of score lists.

And several notes and recommendations to future WCup organizers:

1. Avoid to use RAR compression unless it is the only option - because it is not easily available in all countries.

2. Avoid to use LOGOs - the original doc file with the FAI and the organizer's logos took more than 1,8 MB and when I cut them out and classically zipped it went to 214 kB in doc format. However xls was 150 for all classes and zipped it was compressed to 33 kB!!! Therefore I was urged to cut out from the doc file only short jury report and to send to you zipped xls file.

3. We must respect Internet time of all recepients and count on not-perfect quality of the land-lines. So if the WCup organizers wish to have their score lists properly distributed they should use those formats which allow short time of transmission.

4. I ask all jury presidents to send me their report on Jury Report Form which was distributed to all of you several time this year. It is the only option to compare different competitions easily.

I am very sorry for in spite of a very respectable number of entrants in S7 and S8EP only three were awarded with points and S8EP was cancelled because of the bad weather.

Click here to download the score list.