Space Modelling report from the CIAM Plenary and Bureau Meetings 2005

The CIAM Plenary and Bureau meetings were held in Lausanne from 17 to 19 Mar 2005. There were 32 items for Bureau meeting and 10 items for Plenary meeting with a lot of sub-items.

At first-my sincere congratulations to:



These diplomas shall be handed-over to them at the 100-th FAI Conference in Paris this October.

Other important news:

  1. Entry fees for competitors participating in 10-th European Spacemodelling Championships in Romania is changed from 120 Euros/class/participant to 270 Euros/participant for unlimited number of entered classes ( equal to entry fee in Sremska Mitrovica two years ago). This decision was taken upon the request of FMR, the organizer of the championships, afted a series of protests from potential participants.

  2. The WCup prizes were awarded to the winners or the representatives of NACs. Present were winners from Russia and Romania.

  3. There were confirmed lists for SM SC members and FAI judges. Also, I was reconfirmed for the SM S/C Chairman.

    There were nominations for SM S/C from 19 countries and for FAI judges 54 nominations from 15 countries. Our nominating NACs may not still realize that for last two years FAI Space judges are not for S7 than for the entire activity. I do not realize how they think to organize WCups/OpInts and/or Championships without the FAI judges. So my advice is - nominate on time your outstanding judges for FAI judges.

    I am waiting for the approval for several names to select SM S/C members. The list will be distributed on April 1, but it will be not a joke than a real SM S/C members list.

    CIAM Bureau requires reduced lists for each branch so it will be not possible to keep all nominees on the list, but we all count on your cooperation. So, I will keep all nominated persons informed as the advisers to the SM S/C.

  4. Future championships:

    Awarded championships:

    2005 10-th EUSMCh (Buzau, Romania)
    2006 16-th WSMCh (Baikonur, Russia/Kazakhstan)
    2007 11-th EuSMCh (Kosice, Slovakia)
    2008 17-th WSMCh (Czech Republic)

    Firm offers:

    2009 12-th EuSMCh (Serbia and Montenegro)
    2010 18-th WSMCh (Serbia and Montenegro)

  5. FAI medals will be awarded only at WSMChs and at CCSMChs it will be awarded only FAI diplomas. The organizers are advised to award their medals.

  6. The FAI Bureau is still insisting on reduction of the number of classes in WSMChs/EuSMChs. It seems it is ready to accept five classes per a championships. Further consideration of the problem at SM S/C and at the Bureau meeting follows.

  7. Russian delegation announced readynees for organization of the 1-st Asian Spacemodelling Championships in 2007 in Baikonur!!! Potential participants are Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, India, China, Japan etc.

  8. South African delegate informed me about contacts with a group of enthusiasts in South Africa who is preparing the Space Olympiad at the mid-July this year. So it seems spacemodelling will go to the south hemisphere!!!

Looking forward for your news and suggestions.

"Press" your NACs to apply your spacemodelling teams for 10-th EuSMCh in Buzau - Romania. Financial conditions improved remarkably.

With best regards

Srdjan D. Pelagic, dipl.ing.
CIAM Space Models S/C Chairman