Technical Notice for F2D Competitors

urgent technical notice

Notice to all F2D Competitors

(Especially Competitors Competing in the 2014 F2 World Championships)

 I wish to draw your attention to rule 4.4.5 and to clarify the rule for you.

 4.4.5. Characteristics

d) The motor shall be naturally aspirated via a single round venturi with a maximum effective diameter of 4 mm.

e) Any interconnecting chamber between the air intake and the induction port of the motor shall have a maximum volume of 1,75 cm 3. This clearly prohibits sub-piston induction for supplementary air intake.

This rule means that all the air entering the crankcase must pass though the 4.0 mm venturi. Air must not enter via any other route, this includes any passages or holes which are used to connect the front bearing housing to the induction tract.

Peter Halman

Chairman, F2 Subcommittee

28th June 2014