How to build a winning S3A rocket

DSC 8268How to build a winning S3A rocket

The S3A category tests rocket’s ability to stay in the air for as long as possible. With a fixed amount of power from the solid fuel engine, lightness is key to get the highest altitude. Most rockets weigh just a few grams.


Saturday results at the 2016 FAI S World Championships for Space Models in Lviv, Ukraine

Saturday results_It was close contest at the 2016 FAI S World Championship for Space Models as the under 18s went head to head in the scale altitude (S5B) rocket category. Michal Bobrowski from Poland flew the highest flight with his 1:4.5 scale replica of the American Arcas rocket reaching 361m. Bobrowski said “I chose it for it’s simplicity. It’s a single stage rocket and the design is very aerodynamic.”


The Juniors at the 2016 FAI S World Championships for Space Models in Lviv, Ukraine

learning to_make_rockets“Yesterday was stressful,” says 11 year old Ashley Van Milligan. “My engine wasn’t lighting and you only have a limited amount of time.” Van Milligan is one of six under 18s competing with the American team, and one of 65 from 11 countries.


Technology at the 2016 FAI S World Championship for Space Models

preparing for_take_off_DSC_7999

Although this years World Championship for Space Models is being held in Lviv, Ukraine, anyone with an internet connection can follow the event.


First results at the 2016 FAI S World Championships for Space Models

kreutzDSC 8069Results of today - Friday, 26 August 2016


CIAM Flyer (4-2016) - Innovation starts at an early age

CIAM-Flyer-4-2016Everyone is talking about innovation. In politics and for the economy, innovation is seen as a
vital driving force for growth. Sadly, we often forget that innovation starts at an early age. The
prerequisites for this are good schooling and, where possible, practical education. Aeromodelling combines the two.


Technical Notices - Volume EDIC

technical notices


Volume EDIC Technical Notice

A revised version of the 2016 edition of the Volume EDIC has been published. Two sections have been added: F5D Energy Limiter and F5B REAL-TECT System. The Volume can be downloaded from the Documents page.

CIAM Technical Secretary
01 July 16

2016 Technical Notice - F4 Scale  (184.75 kB)20 June 2016
2016 Technical Notice - F3 Helicopter  (491.71 kB)02 May 2016
2016 Technical Notice - F5 Electric  (422.37 kB)18 April 2016
2016 Technical Notice - F3 Aerobatics  (146.43 kB)31 December 2015


Common FAI strategy for Drones

dronesAt the recent FAI meetings of the FAI Executive Board, Commission Presidents and representatives from NACs, at Heraklion Crete, a proposal from CIAM, the FAI Aeromodelling Commission, was presented and discussed. This proposal was to establish and implement a common FAI strategy for the drones.


Technical Notices - Rules Effective 1st May 2016 - F4 Scale

technical notices

Technical Notice – Rules Effective 1st May 2016

The 2016 CIAM Plenary Meeting approved the early implementation of rules contained in the following Sporting Code Volume: F4 Scale. These rules have been amended with the addition of Rule 6.9.5 (F4H Static Judging). The amended rules can be downloaded from the Technical Notices on the Documents Page.


Ten Years Ago: Mardna's 111km model seaplane world record

DSC01216Ten years ago Toomas Mardna set a world record for aeromodelling that still stands today: a 111km out-and-return flight with a piston-motor seaplane, flying along the banks of Lake Maardu in Estonia.

If you want to bag a distance world record in aeromodelling it can help if you get up early, when the wind is calm and the sky is clear.

For Toomas Mardna exactly ten years ago on Friday 17 June 2006, 'early' meant a pre-dawn start. Together with co-pilot Juri Laidna the pair were aiming to set a world record out-and-return flight with a model Mardna had designed and built himself.

Mardna was well-known in Estonia and the international aeromodelling scene. A member of the Estonian Aerosports Federation his FAI Sporting Licence number was EST0002 – he was in at the very beginning.