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Hauk gives a last Aeromusicals performance before bowing out of talent show

Czech Aeromusicals pilot Martin Hauk made his exit from Czech and Slovakian talent show “Talentmania” in the final last Sunday.

2010 Space Models World Cup - Preliminary Results after all Scheduled Contests

There were scheduled 24 Space Models World Cup events on the FAI Contest Calendar 2010 - Space Models. In these events participated competitors from 25 countries from America, Asia and Europe: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.Organizers were 16 countries in America, Asia and Europe.


AeroMusicals pilot shines at talent show

Czech AeroMusicals pilot and competitor Martin Hauk is creating a stir on Talentmania, the talent show of TV Nova, the most popular Czech TV channel, and Markiza, a Slovak TV channel.


New Space Models World Records

Vladimir Khokhlov from Russia has surpassed FOUR World Records in classes S6A, S9A, S9B and S9C at the Space Models international events held in Marijampole (LTU), Dubnica nad Vahom (SVK) and Shostka (UKR) this year. These of his achievements deserve our sincere congratulations and are at the same time challenges for other sportsmen to achieve extraordinary results. FAI has ratified these results and an appropriate information was sent to NACs on October 5, 2010.


Invitation for the 32rd Ljubljana Cup - Final SM World Cup Event in 2010

Ljubljana Cup is no doubt the oldest spacemodelling event contineously organized in the world. It is a real spacemodelling festivity in October every year that gathers dozens of sportsmen from 10 to 12 European countries and resambles in a way European Championships. It is well known for wonderful sportsmenship and excellent results. In the attachment is the Bulletin for this final SM event in 2010 that will be organized at Menges flying field near Kamnik, close to Ljubljana (SLO) from 8th to 10th October, 2010.

Best Spacemodellers after the 2010 FAI World Championships for Space Models

There were organized eighteen FAI World Championships for Space Models since 1972, when the first one took place in Vrsac (now Serbia - Yugoslavia at that time). Thousands of sportsmen competed at first in three classes, which were increased to seven and eight, than in 2008 decreased to five and now again it is eight again. Junior SM World Championships are held simultaneously with those for seniors in equivalent classes.

Who are the most successful sportsmen in World Championships so far?

Only four men took the fist place FOUR times. These are:

Jan Kotuha (SVK),
Fritz Weissgerber (GER),
Antonio Mazzaracchio (ITA) and
Alexander Levikh (RUS).

The best of the best after the 18th WSMCh is:


He in addition to four gold medals holds also two silver and one bronze medal. He was awarded with two golds in last Champs in Irig (Serbia) and was declared the best senior individual of the 18th WSMCh.


2010 FAI World Championships for Space Models Successfully Finished

2010 FAI World Championships for Space Models was held at the flying field Pavlovci near spa Vrdnik (Serbia) from 21st to 28th August, 2010. The organizers were Aeronautical Union of Serbia and the Modelling Club "Sirmium" from Sremska Mitrovica. Hosting township was Irig. Participated 23 countries from Europe, Asia and America - total 353 participants and the organizing team of 136 persons!
Competition was in 8 classes in both Junior and Senior classification. These were:


2010 Space Models World Cup Current Placing List No 19 - After the 9th Belgrade Cup

9th Belgrade Cup - SM World Cup was held at Lisicji Jarak a sporting airfield near Belgrade (Serbia) from August 28 to 29, 2010. Space Models World Cup Current Placing List No 19 - After the 9th Belgrade Cup. These lists show increase in dynamic fight of the best sportsmen.


2010 Space Models World Cup Current Placing Lists - after event No 18 - Yangel Cup (UKR)

2010 Space Models World Cup Current Placing Lists - after event No 18 - Yangel Cup (UKR)are given as the attachment of this information. There are 24 SM WCup events 2010 and now 3/4 of all events are completed.


2010 FAI World Championships for Space Models

2010 FAI World Championships for Space Models, better known to spacemodellers as 18th World Spacemodelling Championships 2010, shall be hold in Irig (Serbia) from August 21 to 28, 2010.
There are 343 participants from 24 countries registered to August 1, 2010. These are: seniors 170, junors 90, team managers 15, assistants team manager 4, helpers/supporters 40, time-keepers - 15.