New model specification certificates and stickers

The FAI aeromodelling model specification certificates and stickers have been updated to a new design. All NACs will be required to use the new certificates and stickers starting on 1st January 2007 for all FAI sanctioned international aeromodelling competitions that require them. The CIAM Bureau has agreed that old stickers already displayed on existing models will remain acceptable at the present time, but the new stickers should used when possible and in any case must be used on all new models.

2006 Information on F8 Autonomous Flight Record Attempts

At its 2005 Plenary Meeting, the FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM) recognised that new technology underlying autonomous flight was available. It was agreed at that meeting that new record categories would need to be set up and this had been accomplished by mid-2006. Click here to download the F8 world record rules, effective 2006. The lists of current F8 World Records are published at http://records.fai.org/models/

F5 Annexes for 2006

The F5 Annexes to Volume F5 of Section 4 of the FAI Sporting Code had been inadvertently omitted from the Sporting Code and are published as a separate document for 2006. It is intended that the Annexes will be incorporated into the F5 Sporting Code volume for 2007. The F5 Annexes can be downloaded at http://www.fai.org/aeromodelling/documents/sc4

Results - World Cup Krupka 2006

Click here to download the score lists from Kurpka World Cup Event 2006 as received from the organizers. Many thanks to the Pavka family and all Space Modellers in Krupka (CZE) for the successful organization of this fine event.

Safety Notice | 2006-05-23: F5D Electric Pylon Racing

The following change to the Sporting Code was unanimously approved by the 2006 Plenary Meeting. Effective date 1st August 2006. b) Pilot and helper have to stay inside the pylon course from the first drop of the starter's flag until the last model of the heat has finished the race or has left the pylon course flight path. It is recommended that the rule change be applied as a local rule at any competition until the implementation date. Mrs Jo Halman CIAM Technical Secretary

Erratum Notice: F2B Manoeuvre Diagram

F2 Sporting Code Annex H The "Reverse Wingover" manoeuvre diagram published in the 2006 F2 Sporting Code Annex H, is wrong. The corrected diagram will appear in the 2007 edition of the F2 Sporting Code. In the meantime you may download a .pdf file of the correct manoeuvre diagram to insert into your 2006 edition of the Code. Mrs Jo Halman CIAM Technical Secretary

Score lists for the 2006 Baikonur Cup

Click here to download the score lists from Baikonur Cup 2006 as received from the organizers. I am very happy for all the organizers have accepted the uniform form and format of their score lists and reports. This, last one from Baikonur, may be a real model for all those to organize SM WCup events this year.


Score list for the 2006 Korolev Cup

Click here to download the Final score lists of "Korolev Cup 2006" held in Meshcherino (Moscow - RUS) from 20 to 24 April 2006. My congratulations go to the winners, my thanks go first to the organizers for obviously very fine contests with a very good participation - 47 competitors from 4 countries is a very fine result and also to all participants.


Short report and Final Score Lists from 2nd Catalunya Cup

Click here to download the cover page with a list of the officials (doc) and Final score lists (with a list of FAI licences of competitors) from 2nd Catalunya Cup-World Cup which was hold from 7 to 9 April, 2006 in Lleida (ESP). Unfortunatelly the original cover page had 1,1 Mb and the score lists 4,4 Mb as I received in on CD from the organizers. So, I had to cut out a very nice logo of the contest (leaving it at only one page of score lists) in order to make file transfer easier.


The 2006 Space Modelling competition season begins !

On Friday 7th April begins the new Space Modelling (SM) competition season 2006. This time we shall have 18 World Cups in 14 countries. As you see - our SM community constantly increases."


Safety Notice | 2006-03-27: Special note from the F3C Subcommittee

The CIAM F3C Subcommittee submitted a proposal to modify manoeuvre B8 in 2006 VOLUME F3C at the December 2005 CIAM Bureau meeting. The proposal was accepted at the March 2006 CIAM Plenary meeting with an effective date of May 1, 2006. In the description for manoeuvre B8: Delete old sentence: “During the following vertical descent the model performs a full roll and 90º pullout back to the same altitude and heading as at start of the manoeuvre.” Substitute new sentence: “After the following vertical descent the model performs a 90º pullout back to the same altitude and heading as at start of the manoeuvre.” Reason: Safety – During further tests of the new manoeuvre schedules it was discovered that the full roll during the descent presents a dangerous situation when the model fails to attain sufficient altitude and pulls out facing the crowd line. Note: The revised F3C Sporting Code, incorporating this safety amendment and effective from 1st May 2006, is now available for downloading from the FAI website.