Corrected F3N Optional Manoeuvre B.1

urgent technical noticesThere is a correction to the F3N Optional Manoeuvre B.1 in the 2013 Sporting Code. 


Agreement signed to promote Aeromodelling

FAME-CIAM-signature-MoU-2013FAME, the marketing arm of the FAI, the World Air Sports Federation has signed a new Memorandum of Understanding with the FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM), during the 2013 CIAM Annual Meeting held Friday, April, 20th.


Main decisions taken at the 2013 CIAM Annual Meeting

CIAM logoThe 2013 Annual Meeting of the FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM) was held on 19 and 20 April 2013 in Lausanne, Switzerland. This year saw a particularly high number of delegates and a total attendance of around 90 people.


New 2012 FAI Annual Report just out !

2012 FAI Annual Report coverThe FAI has released a new publication, the 2012 FAI Annual Report, designed to present the most notable achievements, developments, facts and challenges of the past year. It is meant to be a reference book for all those who are interested in air sports events and the FAI.

It includes an overview of each air sport, lists of competition results, awards and records, photographs and a lot of other useful information.


Corrected F3N Optional Manoeuvre

CIAM logo

The diagram of F3N optional manoeuvre B.7 Vertical Tic-Tac Eight was drawn incorrectly in the 2013 Edition.  The corrected diagram is available on the Documents Page and scroll down to F3 Radio Control Helicopters, Other Documents.


CIAM Flyer (02-2013) - Airshows – Sport with no Limits

ciam flyer picture 02.2013It is often thought that aeromodelling only ever involves seconds, metres and performing geometrically precise aerobatics manoeuvres as accurately as possible. In our modern society, this limited perception of the term "sport" is no longer relevant. On the contrary – in this day and age, the sport of "aeromodelling" has to be understood much more broadly. It can involve anything from aerobatics with a simple and cheap ready-built model to the creation of the most imaginative and elaborate aircraft designs.

Airshows attract spectators

Every year, there are numerous shows with aircraft controlled from the ground. At these events, pilots control their machines with the same professional skill as their colleagues sitting in real cockpits. These airshows provide excellent insights into the variety and unlimited scope for imagination of aeromodelling. Unlike official World Championships and other competitions, such shows are able to attract tens of thousands of spectators who are not only interested in flying but always show great enthusiasm for the creativity and tremendous spectacle being displayed.

Download the full content of the latest CIAM Flyer (02-2013) - Airshows – Sport with no Limits  in PDF format !

2012 F5D World Championship Revised Results


ciam-logoThe official results of the 2012 World Championships for Electric Model Aircraft have been revised. 


CIAM Flyer (01-2013) - Flying in an Unbelievably Blue Winter Sky

ciam flyer 01 2013 copyFor many years, model airplanes have been flown in wintertime on the frozen lake in Davos in the Swiss alps. The conditions may be a bit special but are not nearly as nasty as aeromodellers in warmer hemispheres may think.

Thermals when flying in Winter?

"These are less likely in midwinter – but ridge and wave soaring from the bottom of the valley are possible," says a local model pilot, "but the stable weather conditions bring high-altitude winds in which we can sometimes – keeping a safe distance from the mountain – fly to very high altitudes with lift continuously increasing with altitude".

Download the full content of the latest CIAM Flyer (01-2013) - Flying in an Unbelievably Blue Winter Sky in PDF format !

CIAM Flyer (06-2012) - Model Airplane Flight at its Highest Level

aeromodelling-ciam-flyer-06-2012Before anyone would be objecting of the title, I hasten to define, that the expression does not designate the quality but the location. Certainly, those who are touched by the enterprise to be introduced in the following, are (yet) far from the level of technical expertise that is required for competing at the highest level, however, even beginners are found among them. The highest level in this case refers to: the highest level of education. That specific location is the University of Obuda Banki Donat Mechanical – and Safety Technology Engineering Department, formerly the Technical College of Budapest, where since 2010 – to the best of our knowledge in Hungary (perhaps even in Europe) it is first - that the curriculum of airplane modeling is introduced.

But how did the boot get on the table?

The expression of airplane modeling conjures up the image, in the mind of the general public, of some bright faced children running after their little models, and in some cases – with some level of understanding – view this as the hobbys of some grown men who have too much free time on their hands; and only the dedicated few claim that it is a sport, competitive; and morover if it were to be judged by the olympic standards, it would be realized that airplane modeling, perhaps, is one of our most accomplished sports.

Download the full content of the latest CIAM Flyer (06-2012) - Model Airplane Flight at its Highest Level in PDF format !

Urgent Technical Notices

urgent technical notices

Seven urgent Technical Notices have been published covering FAI Licences, a new CIAM Judging Initiative, early implementation of rule amendments for classes F2D & F3C and corrections to manoeuvres in classes F3M &  F3N.   Download the files below.

Techncial Notice B.3.2 Sporting Licences

Technical Notice F2D 4.4.15 Cancellation of a Flight

Technical Notice F3C Annex 5D Manoeuvre Guide & Descriptions

Technical Notice F3C Annex 5D Manoeuvre Guide & Descriptions

Technical Notice F3M Manoeuvre Diagram

Technical Notice F3N Manoeuvre Optional B8

Technical Notice CIAM Judging Initiative


CIAM Flyer (05-2012) - Flying with Solar Power

solar impulseWhen the days in the Northern hemisphere shorten and the sun becomes more elusive, we like to remember the wonderful light and warmth of the sun. Solar energy is one of the foundations of life and humankind's most important energy source - both in the past and in future.

Flying with solar power – it’s not new

Even the wind that makes leaves swirl through the air, lets birds circle above us and helps gliders achieve rapid climbs is produced through the sun's heat. When viewed this way, flying with solar power goes back to the beginnings of flying. First attempts to supply electrically powered aircraft using photovoltaics date back to the mid-1970s. Today, flight pioneer Bertrand Piccard is even planning a circumnavigation of the world with his manned aircraft "Solar IMPULSE".

Download the full content of the latest CIAM Flyer (05-2012) - Flying with Solar Power in PDF format !

(photo: www.solarimpulse.com)