2009 F2 European Championships

Because of circumstances beyond the control of the organisers, classes F2A & F2C of the forthcoming 2009 F2 European Championships in Serbia have been cancelled. The championships for classes F2B and F2D will go ahead as planned.

Current CIAM Class List

A revised list of the current Aeromodelling classes, including Space Modelling, appears here. Updated 24th January 2011.

Aeromodelling Class List 04 Jan 09

The current list of all Aeromodelling classes, including Space Modelling, appears here.

F2D Shut-off rule clarification

From the 1st of January 2009 it will be mandatory that an engine shut-off be used in F2D. In the event of a fly-away the shut-off must activate and stop the engine. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.


Wakefield Cup anniversary

The first competition for the oldest trophy in international aeromodelling, the Wakefield Cup, was held on September 29 1928. September 2008 thus marks the 80th anniversary of this trophy for free flight rubber powered aircraft, which is now awarded at World Championships for category F1B.

September 2008; F2B Judging/Scoring Committee formed

Since the revised set of rules for the F2B category was set in force in 2006, a level of acceptance and reliability has been reached. A period of calm and stability is now of great importance for competitors and organisers.

While current practices in this area have served us well in the past, further efforts must be undertaken to ensure that the future implementation of both judging and scoring complies with the precepts of equality, fairness and accuracy with respect to both the individual competitor, from competitor to competitor within a given competition and to the human factors governing the physical act of judging.


Overall placings - 2008 Space Modelling World Cup

Click here to download the overall 2008 Space Modelling World Cup results and rankings for the first 19 events held so far this year.

Technical Notice | 2008-04-08: F3C

At the recent CIAM Plenary Meeting, the F3C Helicopter rule 5.4.11 Classification was entirely replaced. The new rule is shown in its entirety in the downloadable file. The date of implementation of this rule is 1st May 2008. Mrs Jo Halman CIAM Technical Secretary

CIAM Proposal Form updated

The downloadable form to be used to submit proposals to CIAM has been amended. It can be found, along with updated guidelines on submitting proposals to CIAM, in a zipped file called “CIAM Proposal Submissions - Form & Guidelines” downloadable from the CIAM Documents page.

FAI/CIAM Space Models World Cup Awards

This year's CIAM Plenary meeting begins on 23rd March 2007 at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne (Switzerland). The Prizegiving Ceremony for Space Models WCup shall begin that day at 16.30 in the Auditorium of the Olympic Museum..


The new space modelling competition season begins

The new competition season 2007 begins in 38 days and 28 days is to the beginning on regular CIAM Bureau and Plenary meetings in Lausanne (SUI). There is not a Space Models Technical Meeting there this year. It will take place in March 2008.