2012 FAI Young Artist Contest’s theme unveiled: “Silent Flight”

pencilsThe theme of 2012 FAI Young Artist Contest, an international art contest for youngsters between the ages of 6 and 17, will be “Silent Flight”.

Discover below the interpretation of this year’s theme “Silent Flight” and give free rein to your imagination – you might earn one of the Gold, Silver or Bronze Medals !

Interpretation of 2012 theme - Silent Flight

“Remember the first time you saw a kite flying in the air? Brightly colored in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, they dart back and forth on the wind. Many pilots began their first flights running down a field with a kite holding onto a string waiting for the kite to catch the wind and jump into the sky.

The same wind that holds kites 10, 20, 50 feet in the air can lift a glider,when it has been released from its tow plane, thousands of feet into the air and take it over hundreds of kilometers from where the pilot started. Some glider pilots compete for altitude, time, and distance records while others simply enjoy soaring through the sky with only the sound of the wind rushing past their cockpits.

Paragliders are even closer to the wind, jumping off of cliffs knowing that their colorful wings will hold them aloft. The sounds they hear are the breeze rustling through their clothes and the cloth wing that is supporting them. Jumping out of airplanes, parachutists travel even faster, until their chutes open, and they float gently down to earth under a billowing canopy of nylon.

When it comes to silent flight, though, nothing quite compares to traveling by hot air balloon. After the balloon is filled with hot air, occasional blasts from the propane heater are all that is needed to keep the balloon airborne. Its riders see the world below in absolute peace and quiet, unless they want to talk about the beautiful view from their basket. Today, these balloons come in all sorts of shapes, from the traditional round shape to flying castles, and fill the sky with their vibrate colors.

Now, it’s your turn to think about all the ways people travel through the sky with the power of the wind alone. Grab your favorite colored pens, pencils, or paint and create a poster celebrating the wonder that is Silent Flight.”

What should you do to enter ?

The FAI Member in your country will proceed to the selection of the three best artworks in each category and send the chosen artworks to the FAI by 16 April 2012. Entries will be judged by an International Jury at the end of April.

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