2013 annual meeting of the CIEA

logo ciea 01 cmyk-ptThe 2013 Annual Meeting of the FAI Aviation and Space Education Commission (CIEA) was held on 26 and 27 April 2013 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Some countries such as Egypt, Lybia and Turkey, were represented for the first time at a CIEA Annual Meeting. Interesting reports of the latest efforts made in the education field were brought forward to the meeting attendees by their Delegates.

Conversion into an Expert Group

The Delegates voted in favour of the conversion of the Commission into an Expert Group. A proposition to this effect was made to the FAI Executive Board which received it favourably. This matter will be voted on by the NAC Representatives at the FAI General Conference in October 2013.


The FAI Nile Gold Medal was awarded to Yuri Vetrov from Russia.

FAI Young Artist Contest

The FAI Young Artists Contest, which year after year shows great success, will keep existing under slightly modified conditions if the Commission is dissolved.

Bureau Elections

The following people were re-elected:

President: Michiel M. W. Kasteleijn
Vice President: Alan Twigg
Vice President: Gordon Schimmel

Their terms will end in October 2013 if the Commission is dissoluted at the FAI General Conference.

Next meeting

No annual meeting is scheduled for 2014 as the Commission might be converted into an Expert Group. Nevertheless, the Aeroclub kindly offered to host the meeting in case the Commission would happen.