2014 Annual Meeting of the CIEA

logo ciea 01 cmyk-ptThe 2014 Annual Meeting of the FAI Aviation and Space Education Commission (CIEA) was held on 25 and 26 April 2014 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Conversion into an Expert Group

CIEA is currently in a transition phase: the Delegates confirmed the decision they made in 2013 to convert the Commission into an Expert Group; following the formal procedures, the FAI General Conference will be asked to approve this decision in October 2014.

Experts and Points of Contact have been nominated and will be appointed by the Executive Board in May 2014. The Task List, which includes promoting the FAI Young Artists Contest and increasing the number of participating FAI Members, has been set up for this year.



The Nile Gold Medal was awarded to Bogdan Wierzba from Poland.

FAI Young Artist Contest

The FAI Young Artists Contest will continue: up to 4 Experts will meet to judge the contest once a year (next meeting: 17 and 18 April 2015).


The terms of the Bureau Members will end in October 2014, provided the FAI General Conference confirms the conversion of the Commission.