2013 FAI Annual Report available now !

2013FAI-Annual-Report Capture CoverThe 2013 FAI Annual Report, which gives an overview of last year’s activities and achievements of the Federation, has been released.


2014 FAI Young Artists Contest - Nepal

2014 YAC NepalSee all the pictures of the awards ceremony of the Nepalese contest

Paint brushes at the ready: the 2014 FAI Young Artists Contest is now open !

painting sThe FAI invites all youngsters from the age of 6 to 17 to take part in the 2014 FAI Young Artists Contest, a painting competition that gives an opportunity to young artists to express themselves artistically according to a given theme. The 2014 theme is “Flying to save lives”.

Gold, Silver and Bronze FAI Medals will be awarded to the winners for the 3 age categories (6-9, 10-13, 14-17 years old) following a Jury decision in April 2014.

To enter the contest, young people must first contact the FAI Member in their country and check with them the deadline to submit their drawing. They must then send their artworks to their FAI Member.

The participating FAI Members will each make a selection of the three best artworks in each category and send the chosen artworks to the FAI by 1 April 2014.

More information about the FAI Young Artist Contest rules and guidelines can be found on the FAI website.

Interpretation of the 2014 theme - "Flying to save lives"

On any given day, hikers head out on mountain trails, fishing captains take their boats out to sea, and park rangers climb towers to survey the lands they are entrusted to protect. People have always headed out into the wilderness, away from home and searching for adventure and food. Going into the unknown always has a risk, but today’s explorers have great allies in today’s aircraft.

When bad weather turns a mountaintop dangerous, helicopters are a climber’s best friend. Search and rescue helicopters can find them and take them off the mountain to safety.  When hikers get lost in the trails, planes are crucial in the search, often using high-tech gear like infrared technology to find them by their body heat, even when they can’t be seen by the naked eye.

When ocean storms begin to build, it’s brave pilots and in specially designed weather planes that fly around and through the storms to gather information about how big the storm is and where it is going – giving people in the path of the storm warning to get to safety. When ships are caught in the storms, it’s those amazing helicopters again that can find the ship, hover over it, and take up the crew if the ship is danger of sinking.

Sometimes, it’s not what an aircraft picks up, but what it leaves behind. When fires rage and firefighters need help battling them in remote areas, it’s firefighting helicopters and planes to the rescue. Helicopters carry massive buckets of water to the fire while specially designed planes carry the water inside, dropping it or other fire-retardant chemicals on the fire to put it out in areas fire trucks can’t approach.

In all these ways and more, aircraft and the brave men and women who fly them look out for us over land and sea. Now it’s time to grab your favorite art supplies, have fun, and create an artwork that celebrates how Flying Saves Lives.

Video of the 2013 FAI Young Artists Contest

video-2013-FAI-Young-Artists-ContestGreat video presenting the winning paintings of this year's FAI Young Artists Contest !

Russians walk away with gold at the 2013 FAI Young Artists Contest

I-PASTUSHKOV-2013art1-1bigAt the Annual Meeting of the FAI Aviation and Space Education Commission, the International Jury of the FAI Young Artists Contest had the difficult task of choosing the winners of the 2013 edition whose theme was "My Favourite Airsports".


2013 FAI Young Artists Contest: "My Favourite Airsports"

1272841 15655915-painting-colours sGet a chance to win a gold, silver or bronze medal !

Like every year, the 2013 Young Artists Contest gives the opportunity for budding artists to express themselves artistically about a subject related to aviation. The contest is divided in three age categories (6-9, 10-13, 14-17 years old).

This year, the theme for the contest is "My Favourite Airsports".


Winners of the 2012 FAI Young Artists Contest named

D-YAKOVLEV-2012art3-1bigBudding artists once again shone at the FAI Young Artists Contest, a painting competition where youngsters have the opportunity to express their talent and passion for flight.

This year’s theme “Silent Flight” proved to be particularly inspiring with 111 artists competing from 14 FAI Members countries. Although almost all air sports were featured on the paintings, ballooning and hang gliding, with the ocean as a background, were the most represented subjects. Among all the entries, many of them immediately caught the eyes of the jury, which made it a difficult task to decide on the final rankings for all of the three age categories.


Winners of the 2011 FAI Young Artists Contest

FYAC2011-Shosuke_TAKEUCHI_-_JapanOn the occasion of the recent FAI Aviation and Space Education Commission (CIEA) plenary meeting, the International Jury met to determine the winners of the 2011 FAI Young Artists Contest, whose theme was "50 Years of Human Space Flight". The theme of this year was tightly linked to the 50th anniversary of Gagarin's historic flight.

Judging proved to be a very difficult task due to the very high quality of the paintings submitted by 15 FAI Members.

Group I - Junior Category / 2001-2004 (Ages 6-9)
1. Yulia TOROPOVA - Russia
2. Jiale LI - China
3. Jie SU - China

Group II - Intermediate Category / 1997-2000 (Ages 10-13)
1. Angela NOSENKO - Russia
2. Asiya STEPANOVA - Russia
3. Maiko MATSUTO - Japan

Group III - Senior Category / 1993-1996 (Ages 14-17)
1. Shosuke TAKEUCHI - Japan
2. Emmanuel ORTIZ - USA
3. Anna SOLDATOVA - Russia

All pictures of the winning artworks will soon be available on the FAI/CIEA website. The FAI congratulates the winners and thanks the Organisers of the Contest.

The theme of the 2011 Contest will be "Silent flight". The rules and the interpretation of the theme will be published later this month on the CIEA web pages.