Class E (Rotorcraft) Record Ratified.

The following Class E (Rotorcraft) record was ratified by the FAI This week: Claim number : 8286 Sub-class E-1d (Helicopters: take off weight 1750 to 3000 kg) Group 2 : turbine General Category Type of record : Speed over a recognised course Course/location : New York, NY (USA) - South Pole Performance : 11 km/h Pilot : Jennifer MURRAY (UK) Crew : Colin BODILL Helicopter : Bell 406 (1 x Rolls Royce, 675) Date : 16.12.2003 Previous record : new The FAI congratulates the pilots on their splendid achievement. The CIG President, David Hamilton, congratulates Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill on the ratification of their record from New York to the South Pole. The pilot and crew are to be congratulated on their skill in completing an outstanding flight.