FAI / CIG Media day took place at Open German Helicopter Championships in Eisenach

The local press in Germany followed an invitation of CIG president Mr. David Hamilton and the German Helicopter Club to visit the event of the Open German Helicopter Championships in Eisenach, Germany. The German Helicopter Club, represented by Mr. Pit Schöffler, held a presentation about the upcoming event and gave an overview about the competition. After that, the reporters had the opportunity to ask questions about the event. Mainly they were interested in the special tasks like Fender Rigging, Slalom, Postman, Hover and Navigation flights. The helicopter crews are currently training at the Eisenach airport. The competition starts on Thursday, 30th of August, at 6.00pm with the opening ceremony. Starting on Friday the competition will move on. The first event will be the navigation flight. Saturday and Sunday will be reserved for the attractive events like Fender Rigging, Slalom and so on.