Russian Team in front at the World Helicopter Championships

Successful precision hover flying in heavy wind conditions The first competition, called precision hover flying, took place yesterday at Eisenach-Kindel airfield in Germany as the first part of the 13th World Helicopter Championships. It was a successful competition in heavy wind conditions.


13. FAI World Helicopterchampionships officially openend

The 13th World Helicopter Championships in Eisenach, Germany, was officially openend yesterday evening with the greetings of the FAI-CIG President David Hamilton and the greetings of the prime minister of the Free State of Thuringia. The president of Honor, Alfred-Pierre Herbert translated the greetings into german for the guests. The opening ceremony was located at Eisenach-Kindel airfield in front of more than 25 Helicopters on a sunny day, surrounded by strong winds up to 32 knots.


13th FAI World Helicopter Championship in Germany

The 13th FAI World Helicopter Championship will begin officially with the opening ceremony on 13th of August 2008, at 19:00pm (local time) at Eisenach-Kindel airport, Germany. The main events will take place from Thursday to Sunday, beginning with precision flying at 08:30 am thursday morning.

The offical program highlights are: Wednesday, 13th August 19:00 pm - opening ceremony Thursday, 14th August 08:30 am - precision flight Friday, 15th August 10:00 am - navigation flight Saturday, 16th August 10:00 am - slalom flight



It is with great sadness and deep regret that I have been informed that Richard was involved in an aviation accident on 14th July 2008 (French National Holiday). Richard was President of the Commission and an organiser of helicopter events including the World Championship in Chantilly, France. Richard was a highly experienced pilot not only of helicopters but fixed wing and microlights.


Historic First Flight

One Hundred years ago on 13th November 1907 Paul Cornu of France completed the first free flight in a helicopter. He built his helicopter using two counter rotating 6m rotors driven by a 24hp Antoinette engine. Paul reached an altitude of 0.3m and remained airborne for 20 seconds. Congratulations to our French predecessors.

Speed over both earth's poles world record ratified !

CIG President David Hamilton congratulates Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill both of the UK for the ratification of their Speed over both earth's poles world record. The crew are to be heartily congratulated on this record.

Annual Report to FAI General Conference 2006-2007

2007 saw the completion of the revision of Championship Rules and the final adoption of Media Events within those Rules. Proposals to further improve slalom and postman events, running them as parallel events, was further refined and tested during the German Open Championship at Eisenach.


FAI / CIG Media day took place at Open German Helicopter Championships in Eisenach

The local press in Germany followed an invitation of CIG president Mr. David Hamilton and the German Helicopter Club to visit the event of the Open German Helicopter Championships in Eisenach, Germany. The German Helicopter Club, represented by Mr. Pit Schöffler, held a presentation about the upcoming event and gave an overview about the competition. After that, the reporters had the opportunity to ask questions about the event. Mainly they were interested in the special tasks like Fender Rigging, Slalom, Postman, Hover and Navigation flights.


Open German Helicopter Championship 2007

The Open German Helicopter Championship 2007, will be held on August 30th to 2nd of September at Eisenach-Kindel Airport (EDGE) in Germany. The championship is organized by the German Helicopter Club. Please find more information obout the Open German Helicopter Championships 2007 at www.deutscher-hubschrauberlcub.de

Italian Helicopter Championship 2007

The Italian Helicopter Championship 2007, organized by Aero Club Torino and North West Service, will take place at Turin Aeritalia Airport (LIMA) in June 29th and 30th. Please have a also a closer look to the FAI Sporting Calendar

Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill reach South Pole

Jennifer Murray (UK) and Colin Bodill have achieved the South Pole in the first stage of their ‘Round the World Pole to Pole’ flight and as at 7th January 2007 are shortly to cross back into South America. You can follow their progress at http://www.polarfirst.com/

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