Version 2 of the 2007 edition of SC10 Annex 4 published

Following the decision of the CIMA plenary in November 2006, one reference to bouncing in Classics classes precision task catalogue was not amended properly. In the 2007 Annex 4, 2.C3, [If the aircraft bounces the score will be the lowest value of the strips entered.] should be deleted. A new version 2 of FAI Section 10 Annex 4 has now been issued to correct this error and is available at: http://www.fai.org/microlight/documents/sc10 This version 2 is identifiable in the following ways: - "Amended 15 January 2007" on the cover page. - A note at the top of Annex 4 describing the nature of the amendment. - v2 in the header pages of the amended sections.