Main decisions taken at the Microlight Commission 2010 Annual Meeting

Here are the main decisions that have been taken during the CIMA 2010 Annual Meeting held on 12 and 13 November 2010: Future competitions
14th FAI World Microlight Awarded to : Royal Spanish Aeronautics Federation (location to be announced) Dates : August 11th to 18th , 2012

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Bureau Elections President : Richard MEREDITH-HARDY 1st Vice President : Wolfgang LINTL 2nd Vice President : Jose Luis ESTEBAN Secretary : Robert HUGHES Treasurer : Patrice GIRARDIN Subcommittee Chairmen Paramotor Subcommittee: Wojtek DOMANSKI Microlight Subcommittee: Tomas BACKMAN FRAC : Richard MEREDITH-HARDY S10 Subcommittee: Rob HUGHES WAG Subcommittee / Microlight : Wolfgang LINTL WAG Subcommittee / Paramotor : Richard MEREDITH-HARDY Internal Regulation WG : Patrice GIRARDIN Internet Presence WG : Jose Luis ESTEBAN Paramotor Precision WG: Roy BEISSWENGER Paramotor League Cup WG: Wojtek DOMANSKI Technical Representatives & Special Duties CIMP : Jacek KIBINSKI CIACA : Tomas BACKMAN CANS: Roger HOLM Webmaster : Jose Luis ESTEBAN WAG Liaison Officer / Microlight : Wolfgang LINTL WAG Liaison Officer / Paramotor : Richard MEREDITH-HARDY

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Next CIMA meeting The next Microlight Commission Annual Meeting will take place in Lausanne (SUI) on November 10th & 12th 2011.