Paramotors at the programme of the 2012 Asian Beach Games

Asian Beach Games 2012

The FAI has today announced that Paramotors will feature at the next Asian Beach Games that will take place in June 2012 in Haiyang, China.

“We are delighted and proud to have Paramotors at the next Asian Beach Games. It is also excellent news for all those who participate in Paramotors and those fans of this sport”, said Jean-Marc Badan, FAI Sports and Development Director. “Paramotors is a very accessible sport and it is a great satisfaction to see its popularity materialised in the shape of its entrance to a multi-sports event. This success is mainly attributed to the Aero Sports Federation of China, whose efforts bore fruit.”

Richard Meredith-Hardy, President of the FAI Microlight Commission, has been appointed as Technical Delegate to the Organising Committee and consequently will take on the important role of coordination between the Aero Sports Federation of China, the Organising Committee and the FAI.

This news echoes the “Incheon Declaration on the Development of International Air Sports” made in 2009 at the FAI General Conference:

1. In order to increase choices and opportunities, we pledge to increase support for air sports among developing countries, including those in East Asia.

2. We encourage FAI Members to cooperate to enhance the growth of air sports and further have those adopted formally into the Asian Games and other major multi-sport events.

3. We renew our global commitment to fulfilling the low carbon “green growth” initiative so that we can take our share of responsibility in the field of air sports to improve the global environment.