Registered Testing Pool

Article 5.5.1 of the FAI Anti-Doping Rules requires that the FAI shall identify a Registered Testing Pool (“RTP”) of those Athletes who are required to comply with the whereabouts requirements of the International Standard for Testing. The RTP is designed to ensure that pilots flying at the international level are dope-free.

The Registered Testing Pool (RTP) comprises athletes who are required to provide up-to-date whereabouts information to the FAI. This information is shared with WADA and other Anti-Doping Organisations for the purposes of anti-doping testing, which may be conducted at any time. Criteria for selection can be downloaded here and the list of pilots included in the RTP is available This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Athletes who do not provide accurate whereabouts information or who are not at their declared location are in violation of the Code. Any combination of three missed tests and/or filing failures within an eighteen-month period shall constitute an anti-doping rule violation.

The WADA ADAMS system has been designed to be user-friendly, details can be found on the WADA website. Contact your NADO for details of your national Whereabouts system.

Resources for FAI Elite Athletes in the Registered Testing Pool