CIVA President's page: Meeting with a living legend

The winter is still keeping Northern Europe in a firm grip with snow and double digit minus degrees during the night and a few plus during the day, the spring is delayed but around the corner and with the spring we finally have the start of the aerobatic flying.


President's Report - the 27th of October, 2012

The Championships Season – Overview

As we finish the 2012 contest season with our plenary meeting in Lausanne on the first weekend in November, I can report to you another excellent year of FAI Aerobatic Championships.


July 1st

The 1st of July is one of the most important on CIVA’s calendar, and this year was no exception. Why is it important? It is the deadline for submission of rules proposals by the Delegates to CIVA.


A Summer Update

Mike at AWACWorld Yak-52 Aerobatic Championships Opens

Saturday, the 23rd of June, marked the first day of the FAI Aerobatic Championships contest season with the opening of the 3rd FAI World YAK-52 Aerobatic Championships in Russia. The competition is being held at the Airfield Finam (Bolshoe Gryzlovo), Serpukhov region, Russia under the direction of Dmitry Samokhvalov. Chief Judge is Pavol Kavka of Slovakia, one of CIVA’s most experienced Chief Judges.


President's Report

Mike Heuer 2CIVA President Mike Heuer

As we finish the 2011 contest season with our plenary meeting in Krakow, Poland in November, I can report to you another excellent year of FAI Aerobatic Championships.

A successful and safe calendar of aerobatic competitions was possible due to the hard and dedicated work of our corps of volunteers. This includes not only the local people who help organize and run our contests, but the cadre of volunteers who work for CIVA year after year. They can be found on the Jury, in the Scoring Office, on the Boards of Judges, on Technical Commissions, and throughout the contest site.

2011 was a special challenge for the CIVA aerobatic community, as four FAI Aerobatic Championships were held this year and this causes considerable strain on our rather small group of FAI International Officials. Fortunately two of those events were held at the same time and at the same contest site (the FAI World Glider Aerobatic Championships in Torun, Poland) making it easier for officials to participate and the events more financially viable for organizers.

As some competition categories shrink and others grow, combining events might be possible in other Championships as well.