WAC Opens Soon

Here is more information on the 25th World Aerobatic Championships …. Many of you have friends who are involved at WAC as pilots, judges, or officials and like to follow the action. That will be easier this year than ever before. WAC begins with opening ceremonies on August 19th and the final flight program on August 29th. First of all, the website for WAC is www.wac2009.com. This is sort of an entry point and is meant for the general public. Along the top, you will see a tab for “Participants”. You can also go directly to that webpage at www.wac2009admin.com. It is on this administrative page you will find information on the schedule, participants, and a link to results. The turnout for WAC this year is stronger than we expected. 64 competitors from 19 countries have registered and paid their entry fees. It will be a tremendous competition.

When Programme Q (the Known) begins on August 20th, our Scoring Director (Jürgen Leukefeld of Germany) will be uploading the contest data directly to our CIVA results website – www.civa-results.com. All of the results of FAI Aerobatic Championships sanctioned by CIVA this year can be found at that site. The “results” are much for than totals and rankings. You can click on the individual pilot results and it will link you to their score sheets (an on-line Form A). Before the flight program is finished, this will give you raw scores only. After the program is done and the protest period is expired, the results are locked and FairPlay System (FPS) scores will be seen. FPS is a part of the ACRO scoring program in use at WAC.

For a full explanation of FPS, I urge you to visit this link (www.fai.org/aerobatics/fair_play_system). You will see a very detailed explanation on how FPS works as well as the judging analysis that takes place during the competition.

Through a new judges selection process we implemented a couple of years ago, CIVA has assembled the best panel of Judges possible. Chief Judge is Graham Hill of the UK. The panel of Judges includes Tom Adams (USA), Timo Bartholdi (Finland), Hannes Graf (Germany), Quintin Hawthorne (South Africa), Francis Itier (France), Tom Korinek (Czech Republic), Vladimir Kotelnikov (Russia), Algis Orlickas (Lithuania), Kimmo Virtanen (Finland), and Lyudmila Zelenina (Ukraine). All Judges are considered FAI International Officials and are not affiliated with national teams in any way. Their countries are listed for information only. There are several new things happening this year at WAC as well, making it more interesting for aerobatic enthusiasts and pilots: • There will not be any “Line Judges” this year. Instead, a highly sophisticated electro-optical tracking system will be used that is being furnished by QinetiQ, a UK-based company. As Alan Cassidy (the UK’s CIVA Delegate) says, it looks like a radar-controlled missile system without the missiles. It is extremely accurate and will be used for box infringement penalties as well as high and low height calls. This will be the first time in many years that such a system has been used. Radar systems were utilized at WAC in 1968 and 1980. • Another first will be the “Free Unknown” (the new Programme 3). Teams will select Unknown figures as in the past. But for Programme 3, the Jury will accept, check, and publish all of the Unknown sequences provided by Teams that are composed using these figures. 10 figures are selected by Teams and up to 4 “linking figures” can be added that will be assigned an aggregate value of 24K. This value will be distributed equally among the linking figures. Pilots can choose from any of these sequences for their own Programme 3. • Entries have been accepted this year from pilots who wish to fly only Programme 4, the Final Freestyle or “4 Minute”. Eric Vazeille, Ramon Alonso, and Jurgis Kairys have elected to enter this flight program only. Eric and Ramon are former World Champions and Jurgis a former team pilot and all will add talent and color to this program. Please visit this blog (the “President’s Page”) on this website often. Photos will appear as well. I am sure other Teams may have blogs of their own as they have in the past and and I will notify you if there are any available to visit. I know that many aerobatic enthusiasts wish they could visit Silverstone but cannot be there. This will be the next best thing. It will be a great competition.