WAG Blog #5 - 21 August 2009

In the 2009 version of Section 6, FAI Sporting Code, we revised the rules to require pilots to submit their Free Programmes in electronic form and in an approved CIVA format. The approved files are from the Aresti software by Alan Cassidy and Olan by Michael Golan (.vsd and .seq files respectively). These sequences are then checked by the organizers using those software packages, many times easier than checking hand-drawn sequences as the software have built-in checking features. Free Programmes were due to be handed in for checking no later than 17.00 on Wednesday, 19 August. The whole process closed this morning at 09.00 and all pilots’ Free Programmes are now available on the WAC 2009 administrative website as follows: http://www.wac2009admin.com/useful_documents.html Look under “For Pilots and Team Managers” and the link is near the bottom of the page. It is a fairly large file (7 Mb) as all Free Programmes are included in one file. Results are already available on line at the CIVA results website as follows: www.civa-results.com.