WAC Blog #8 - 23 August 2009

I am sad to announce that yesterday, US Team pilot Vicki Cruse lost her life during her flight of Programme Q at Silverstone. The accident occurred at 11.57 during the fifth figure of the Known. The authorities are investigating the accident as of this writing. Flying was canceled today, Sunday, and a meeting of the Team Managers will be held at the Staverton Park Hotel at 10.00 to discuss the resumption of the Championships and if a decision is taken to continue, what flight programmes will be flown.

Vicki Cruse was President of the IAC, the American aerobatic association, and was flying an Edge 540. An extremely proficient and skilled pilot, she had previously won the title of US National Aerobatic Champion. She was also a passionate advocate for the sport and brought many new people into aerobatics. It has been a difficult time for the sport. Chandy Clanton, a former US Team pilot, was lost just a few weeks ago in an accident. Svetlana Fedorenko also lost her life last week in Russia in an aircraft accident. After the International Jury takes its decision on the future conduct of the Championships, I will make an announcement here as to what will occur in the days remaining.