WAC Blog #11 - 25 August 2009

Briefing on schedule, warm-up pilot on schedule, Andrea Fossi of Italy first in the air this morning for the competition flights – everything went well until low cloud rolled in once again at about 2,000 feet and Adilson Kindelmann of Brazil had to abort his flight. We are now on weather hold for about 30 minutes. Incidentally, for those of you who really enjoy such things, the organizers are now “twittering” the text messages we receive here on our UK mobile phones with weather and updates. You can receive all the information the Team Managers do here: http://twitter.com/WAC2009SMS Once again, the organizers (or at least the younger ones among us who use all of the technology they can) have done a really good job of providing info to everyone in a very timely manner. We are back flying again and only a few flights to go in Programme Q.