WAC Blog #14 - 27 August 2009

I have a correction to make to the previous blog and it is a pleasant one. We will be flying on Thursday, 27 August, after all. Thanks to Steve Green’s work and the cooperation of the Silverstone officials, flying will take place starting at 14.00 and continuing to as late as possible. The briefing is set now for 13.00 and the first warm-up pilot will launch to be in the box precisely at 14.00 so there is no delay. We are flying “Group 3” pilots first in the Free Programme. These are the pilots who ranked in the top third of the Programme Q results.

We will then proceed to Group 2 and 1. If weather shuts us down, but we have flown all of Group 3, the contest will be declared valid. But the weather looks good for this afternoon and we are hoping for a full day tomorrow, though it does appear it may be windy. Our weather man is Peter Macintosh and his information has been very good so far. Peter’s callsign is “Troubleshooter” and he pretty much solves any problems thrown his way. We are hopeful he has influence with the weather. The deadline for submission of Unknown proposals was last night at 18.00 – just before the British Aerobatic Association’s party, but we did accept two more proposals during the dinner as most everyone was away during our off-day yesterday. A total of 7 proposals were received by the International Jury. The Jury met this morning at the airfield and made our final selection, which will be announced shortly and available for download here as well.