WAC Blog #15 - 27 August 2009

We started flying today right on schedule. One warm-up pilot and then the first competition pilot of the day, Mikhail Mamistov of Russia. Things are progressing very well as the weather is cooperating. Winds have remained well within limits all day and we just lifted the “free break” and the flights are now uninterrupted, thus saving valuable time. Flying will continue until about 19.00 tonight, or slightly later.

The first Jury-selected Unknown sequence was published this morning with the 2-hour complaint period starting at 13.00. After hearing from several Team Managers and representatives, the Jury took the decision to withdraw the first selection. Another has now been published and the 2-hour period runs until 16.30. We will then take another decision on the sequence. When a final version is chosen, I will post it here as a PDF download. The clock is ticking and if we are not to lose any valuable flying time, a sequence will have to be finalized in time to give pilots 18 hours before they fly Programme 2, the 1st Unknown. The Jury’s hands are tied on this as we have limited options – we are doing the best we can with the sequences we have in hand. As I said before, 7 proposals were submitted which is actually much less than what we usually receive at a WAC and even more surprising in view of the many countries represented here.