WAC Blog #16 - 28 August 2009

It was a long, arduous, busy day yesterday so there was little opportunity to blog. As it turned out, we went through four versions of the 1st Unknown before we selected one which elicited the fewest complaints. This is a difficult process for the International Jury as we can only accept complaints from Team Managers that are based on “safety” reasons. We have to sort out which are valid safety concerns and which complaints are being made for competitive reasons. Since every pilot on the airfield has a different idea on what a good Unknown is, the input can be endless. But we finally selected one and it is posted below as an attachment to this blog. After arriving at the hotel last night at close to 22.00, an error in the sequence was pointed out to me in Figure #9. The exit roll from that figure should have been a ¾ roll and it was a “3X4”. This was corrected at about 22.30 and Angela Cassidy placed new hard copies under the hotel doors of the Team Managers late last night. We also distributed copies this morning in the Teams’ “pidgeonholes” (mailboxes).

Whether or not we will actually fly an Unknown remains to be seen. When leaving the hotel this morning, we had mostly clear skies. Just prior to the French warm-up pilot’s flight, however, low cloud moved in and we are shut down for the moment. We only have 13 pilots to go in the Free Programme. That said, we have flown the first two groups and have a valid Free Programme result if the contest gets no further. However, we are all optimistic and hope to resume flying when the cloud base raises – and the wind stays below limit. Wind may be a bigger problem today according to the weather man. Be sure to download the Form B for the Unknown and enjoy! It's now 14.10 and we are flying. Wind is near limits, the ceiling is sufficient to fly with break, and the Free Programme is underway once again.