WAGAC / EGAC Update #2 – 19 July 2010

No flying occurred on Sunday, but today is an absolutely stunning day and our warm-up pilot, Manfred Echter, launched at 09.18. The first pilot of the day, Miriam Rogger Demiashkina of Switzerland, towed up soon thereafter. Today is Programme 2 – the first Unknown in the WAGAC. Unlimited will fly its own 1st Unknown later in the day. The Unlimited 1st Unknown is shown below and was designed by the International Jury – different than in Power. At a Glider Championships, figures for the Unknowns are presented by Teams at lengthy briefings and all at once.

Yesterday, 28 figures were presented by Unlimited Teams. The same had been done the day before in Advanced. After a brief time when objections to the safety of the figures can be made by Teams, the figures are used by the Jury to compose the Unknowns, unlike in Power where Teams can actually draw up Unknown proposals and submit those to the Jury. Once a sequence is designed by the Jury, it goes to the Teams for a short period – 30 minutes – for objections and after that it becomes final if there are no complaints or if any objections are deemed invalid by the Jury. The EGAC 1st Unknown ... Here is the WAGAC 1st Unknown ...