WAGAC / EGAC Update #5 – 22 July 2010

Once again, no flying. Wind out of limits. Yesterday, an Advanced Team Manager meeting was called to discuss a proposal to raise the headwind component limit to 12 meters/second. This is permitted under the rules if the International Jury agrees and the vote of the Team Managers is unanimous. The Teams agreed to this. However, the raising of the limit to 12 has been insufficient to deal with the winds here in Jämi as they have been well above this limit. This is a problem that plagues Power and Glider Championships in most years.

Sometimes we can have spectacular weather – in terms of cloud and visibility – but the wind prevents flying. Sometimes it is the other way around. Championships have not completed all of the prescribed programmes because of CIVA meteorological limits. As always, there has been a lot of discussion about this but it will be interesting to see if any changes are made for the future. Update ... the briefing set for later this afternoon has been canceled so no flying until at least tomorrow. Nick Buckenham will run a seminar on the CIVA Fair Play System today.