WAGAC / EGAC Update #6 - 24 July 2010

Very good news today. Last night we completed the third Programme in Advanced and we now have a World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Champion. It is Johan Gustafsson of Sweden, flying a Pilatus B4. Please see www.civa-results.com for complete results. Our congratulations to Johan. I am delighted we were able to have a valid competition as it did not look good earlier in the week.

The weather forecast was quite grim. After finishing Advanced last night, we immediately launched into the Unlimited Free Programme (P3) and were able to fly 12 pilots. Not to lose any favorable weather, Contest Director Kari Kemppi asked for the pilots to be on the line for a briefing there and ready to fly at 06.00 today. The Judges were also in place by that time, ready to go. The first competition flight was airborne before 06.30. As can be seen in the photo to the right, it was still quite cool in Jami shortly after flying started -- 11 degrees centigrade. But the skies were clear and visibility unlimited. Unlimited finished a couple of hours later. The flight director did an outstanding job of quickly launching flights with no delay and we were running at a rate of about 7 per hour. Thus, we now have a valid EGAC as well -- with final results still to be determined as I am writing this. Again, watch our CIVA results webpage for the final results and official standings. Team results are also posted there. The awards dinner and prize-giving will be tonight. Most of us will depart for home in the morning. It has been a very good time here.