EAC Update #18 – 10 September 2010

Pilot #44 – Michael Racy of the USA, one of our “hors concours” pilots – has just finished his programme and we are now finished with Programme 2, just a few minutes before 19.00. Earlier than expected. The final scoresheets are coming into the Scoring Office and Jürgen and Silvia will be working later than most of us to get the final scores in and we can then declare winners.

Programme 4 – the “Final Freestyle” and a separate medals event for which results are not included in the overall EAC results – will be flown tomorrow. Briefing at 09.00 and flying at about 10.00. We have 17 pilots to fly it and one or two warm-up pilots. It will be a wonderful programme to watch on what should be a beautiful day. Programme 3 -- the Unknown -- will not be flown because of insufficient time. The rules require us to progress directly to Programme 4 if this is the case. Programme 4 is always very popular with the public and for this reason, organizers usually schedule it on the weekend and as a "public day". Closing ceremonies and awards-giving tomorrow at the Klaster Tepla Hotel at 18.00.