CIVA Bureau Selects Judges for WAC

The Bureau of CIVA recently concluded its selection of Judges for the XXIII World Aerobatic Championships in Burgos, Spain in June and July 2005. A total of 15 nominations were received. The Bureau can select up to a maximum of 7 Judges for the event. A maximum of 10 Judges are authorized by the rules. The following Judges will participate at WAC as "FAI Judges": LG Arvidsson (SWE) Greg Dungan (USA) Jiri Duras (CZE) Quintin Hawthorne (RSA) Graham Hill (GBR) Francis Itier (FRA) Matti Mecklin (FIN) Judges nominated by NAC's or who entered their names individually are still free to attend the WAC and judge in Programme Q. A final selection of the 10 best judges will be made after Q by the International Jury, based on judging analysis. The XXIII WAC will open on 22 June and closing ceremonies are scheduled for 2 July. Contest Director is Antonio Quintana. Chief Judge is John Gaillard of South Africa. The International Jury will be headed by Mike Heuer of the USA, President of CIVA.