CIVA to Meet in Vilnius, Lithuania

The FAI Aerobatics Commission (CIVA) will convene its plenary meeting in a few days time in Vilnius, Lithuania. The meeting is being organized by the Lithuanian Aerobatic Federation headed by Algimantas Zentelis and will be held on 27-28 October at the Reval Hotel Lietuva. Informal discussions will be held the day before starting at 16.00. The plenary will begin promptly at 09.00 on each day. The CIVA meeting will the most complex in recent history as many issues are before the Commission. These include plans and rules for the World Air Games in Turin in 2009, new special events that are proposed in addition to the classical championships each year, proposals for new rules in 2008, and bids for various championships next year as well. It is expected that over 20 countries will send Delegates to the meeting. Over 50 people are expected to attend. Results of the meeting will be published on this website.